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Summer Holiday Club is back!

Wild East Devon's adventurous summer holiday club is now open for bookings.

Based at Seaton Wetlands, the holiday club for 7-11 year olds runs for 2 separate weeks in August. Week one takes place from 2nd to 6th August. Week two takes place from 16th to 20th August. It costs £35 per...




4 Warning Signs Your Relationship Won’t Survive Another Lockdown

It’s no secret that lockdown has been hard on everyone, from not being able to see friends and family to being stuck indoors staring at the same four walls whilst trying not to get in each other’s way all day, every day. For others, they have even been juggling working from home, homeschooling, and trying not to go insane in the process.

As Wales continues through a firebreak...

Only 3 UK regions are searching for senior dog adoption

As well as edging one month closer to Christmas and welcoming colder and crisper weather, November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month, a month dedicated to helping older dogs find a forever home. It isn’t surprising to learn that older dogs experience great difficulty when trying to find a new and loving family—it is a sad reality we should all be aware. After all, every animal deserves to...

working from home

Could Covid-19 be classed as a ‘Barder’ Event?

Associate Solicitor Hannah Porter from The Family Law Company considers whether the unparalleled circumstances presented by the pandemic might impact the option to appeal a financial order made before Covid-19 hit hard.

She says that for anyone going through a divorce and trying to reach financial settlement at the moment, valuations of assets such as property and businesses have been...

Family lawyer

Soap domestic abuse storylines 'all too real' says family lawyer

With the return of soaps, two storylines in particular have highlighted the plight of those subjected to domestic abuse, says Exeter lawyer Amy Langford.

Last week the Eastenders domestic abuse plot came to a dramatic and tragic end as Chantelle tried to leave abuser Gray, resulting in her death after he walked away from her injury rather than call an ambulance. The plotline may seem...

9 Reasons Why You Should Organise a Family Game Night

Think back to last Saturday evening.

Try to remember specifically what you were doing, what your partner was doing and what your kids were doing.

Did it involve:

  • The TV
  • A mobile device
  • A tablet
  • A game console
  • All of the above
  • If yes, you are far from alone. The average family spends the majority of their spare...

    New #YouCanAdopt campaign launches in Devon

    Regional Adoption Agency Adopt South West and independent adoption charity Families for Children, join the coalition of National, Regional and Voluntary adoption agencies across the country, supported by the Department for Education (DfE), to launch a nationwide recruitment campaign to raise awareness of adoption.

    In the UK, there are almost 3,000 children that are in need of an...

    Military families in the South West invited to enter national photo competition

    The charity Little Troopers wants military families in the South West to send in family photos to its national photo competition that will shine a light on the day-to-day lives of military children.

    The competition is part of the charity’s ‘Through Our Eyes’ campaign which acknowledges and celebrates the unique experience of being a military child. British Armed Forces families are...

    80,000 Wearable School Uniforms Binned in the South West Every Year

    New research has revealed that parents in the South West unnecessarily threw away 80,000 school uniforms in 20191 despite the fact they were still in good condition, making up 5% of the 1.4 million binned nationally.

    The study found that one in 10 simply throw uniform items away once their children have outgrown them, even though they are still in a wearable condition.


    The missing piece: How to solve family mysteries and puzzles with DNA testing

    There are many reasons why there are mysteries or puzzles within families. Perhaps a relative became estranged, perhaps there was some secret or scandal that someone wanted to keep hidden like a teen pregnancy or an affair that led to a child. Perhaps a child or children were adopted. Maybe there has always been a question, though likely an unasked question, as to why a family member looks so...

    NSPCC, child sexual abuse

    Child sex offences jump almost 40% over five years in the South West as NSPCC calls for urgent action to tackle crisis of abuse

    UK Police recorded more than 200 child sex offences, on average, every day last year, new figures from the NSPCC reveal.

    Out of the 73,518 recorded offences including rape, online grooming and sexual assault against children in the UK in 2019/20, police in the South West region registered 5,310 offences – up 38% in the five years since 2014/15.

    Where gender and age were...

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