University Centre South Devon: It's not too late to apply for college or university

Authored by HelenR
Posted: Monday, February 26, 2024 - 16:37

Do you have aspirations to go on to higher education but missed the initial deadline for applying?

University Centre South Devon, part of South Devon College, wants to remind people that from February 28th they have another chance to apply through UCAS Extra.

“This is a great opportunity to gain a place at college or university up until July 4th, “said Hannah Davies, Head of Curriculum for Social Sciences.

“If you used all five of your choices on your original application and you’re not holding an offer, you’ll be able to add another choice using Extra.”

For many people choosing to study a higher education qualification is life changing.

Elizabeth Adamson was working for Marks & Spencer as an HR manager covering the South West when she decided she needed a career change.

“One day I decided to go into University Centre South Devon (UCSD), and I met with someone from student support, we had a chat, and went through the criteria and what my interests were. I liked elements of psychology and sociology and so decided to apply.”

The mother of two, who decided to do a Psychology degree, says it was a huge decision but she hasn’t looked back.

“My two children were young at the time but I decided to make the change. It’s been a huge learning curve because I hadn’t been in education since I was 18 years old but it worked for me because there was a consolidated timetable which meant I could manage my children and other responsibilities I had.”

Elizabeth, who is now working with young people and has her own private psychotherapy practice, says studying at UCSD was ideal as it was close to home.

“It was a huge appeal as I could get there and get home in a reasonable time. The academic support I received was brilliant and everyone was friendly and helpful.”

A psychology degree isn’t just a pathway to becoming a psychologist it opens up many varied and interesting career paths.

“It’s a great starting point for a myriad of careers and equips students with a range of skills,” said Hannah Davies.

“It unlocks a host of possibilities where knowledge of the human mind can enhance any job from marketing to working in the NHS, policing, teaching, mental health or counselling, for example.”

“Studying psychology presents a new perspective with which to view the world. It's about deciphering behaviour, emotions, and mental processes, and applying this insight in diverse and imaginative ways.

“So if you’re thinking about doing a Psychology degree or another social science degree like Psychology and Criminology or Psychology and Counselling, remember you’re not just embarking on a path as a psychologist. You’re opening doors to limitless opportunities where you can apply your knowledge and skills across a range of careers.”

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