The Evolution of Technology and Plagiarism

Sarah Parker
Authored by Sarah Parker
Posted: Monday, January 18, 2021 - 14:42

There's no doubt that almost every aspect of our lives is becoming digital. Technology and the Internet are so deeply involved in our society and, of course, personal life. They are changing the ways from how we communicate to how we eat.

Plagiarism is no different!

The rising issues and questions on Plagiarism are insisting on clearing all the minds! Here, we will investigate Plagiarism in the world of technology, what technology has meant to it, and its evolution in both terms.

If you are also curious to know the different angles, we would suggest you read this post till the final thoughts to understand better! So, let's dig deeper into it without wasting a minute!

Don't Misunderstand! Get Clear Before you Start!

Before we move towards the main points, it is extremely important to understand Plagiarism's exact meaning. If you know, it's good, but if you are confused, then read on!

In a simple definition, Plagiarism means copying others' text. This term refers to cheat or to deceive someone. The duplication of ideas, thoughts, points, words, and content of the original author is included under this definition

And you should realize that it will take a few minutes to ruin your whole effort. Yes! If you caught up once, then nobody will be able to trust you again. And your time, money, efforts, work, reputation will move in the trash. Plagiarism is a horrible act in this era of digitalization and a bad idea, as anyone can check your work and honesty with one-click!

The Internet world didn't create the issue of Plagiarism, and it simply transformed it!

If we notice, Plagiarism was not around when there was no internet! However, since then, the terms of Plagiarism have changed a lot; let's learn how!

Plagiarizing Becomes Easier

The most understandable aspect that the Internet transformed Plagiarism is plagiarizing has become much easier. Today, the web contains almost every kind of information. Whether it is education, business, self-grooming, cooking, or any other thing, it is now possible to access the world of the Internet at your fingertips.

In the old days, plagiarizing was as difficult as creating the original work. With the advancement in technology, it has become straightforward to plagiarize and access any information from anywhere! And the fact is, students are relying on this change by misunderstanding the results!

Detecting Becomes Easier

If you are thinking that just committing Plagiarism is the only advantage, then you are wrong! Today's internet world has become more powerful than ever. It didn't only make committing easier, but it made detection easier than commitment!

Anyone from anywhere at any time can catch duplication with proofs. And now it is only possible by online plagiarism checkers. These copyright checkers are the services that the Internet has provided for the ease of the people. We must be clear that these services' level is 100% accurate, and it takes only a minute to uncover your dishonesty.

Yes! This is a meaningful change on the Internet that will prove good for teachers, freelancers, writers, and anyone else who wants to check for Plagiarism. Some of the most usable and trusted tools are, Grammarly, Duplichecker, SmallSeoTools, Prowritingaid, and Quetext.

Modern ways of Citation Joined the Game!

Do you know Blogging and Social Media are only two standards of modern writing types developed for the Internet?

In technical speak
As we read on Twitter (Social Media) about attribution and Citation, these unique formats appear with unique challenges with concerns to Citation. These challenges build a changing attribution standard, and one blends audience objectives and technical limits.

In simple Speak
The digital world has developed modern writing types with a new citation rule; students and beginners are being assigned to learn different citation styles. This has become a new way because students get their education not from the schools, but now on Citation from social media.

Let's Talk About The Advanced Ways To Destroy The Root of Plagiarism

As we have gotten the viewpoints of what technology has meant to duplication. Now, it's time to discuss the tricks of technology to avoid Plagiarism in our lives. Here, we are going to mention the steps and details. Please read them carefully and satisfy yourself!

  • Always bookmark the sources you use in your research.
  • You can get secure by paraphrasing or quoting methods from your sources.
  • Always pay back the credits to the original author in the reference list and "in-text citation."
  • Try to use plagiarism checker tools whenever you are finalizing your work, especially before you submit it.

This is how you can avoid Plagiarism and satisfy yourself! Quite Simple, Right?

Final Thoughts

There are so many advantages of the Internet and technology that we cannot exhaust in one place. Besides, the evolution of technology and Plagiarism is something fantastic that you should understand correctly.