IT Specialist Company Relocates to Plymouth Science Park

Keeping your computers and digital information in tip top order is crucial for any business and a newcomer to Plymouth Science Park will be waving its magic wand to improve the technological outlook for local firms in 2017.

Info-plane’s relocation will allow its business to expand further as its Managing Director, Marcus Windle, works with a team of Devon based experts to assist local companies in ensuring their networks run more smoothly.

“It’s perhaps easiest to imagine a computer system as a large map, much like the London Underground,” explains Marcus. “Early maps of the capital’s tube network were a higgledy-piggledy arrangement with confusing lines bending their way across the poster.”

“It was hard to work out where any of the stations were based, even though the map was geographically correct.”

“Through its development, designers were able to remove the confusion from the map’s layout and introduce a simplistic version of the Underground which was produced for an easy to read view.”

“The same is true with a computer. Keeping a system free of superfluous information and ensuring it can run in a smoother manner allows companies to work in a more efficient and effective fashion.”

Info-plane’s system allows the easy management of data so processing information becomes easier and quicker to achieve. 

Marcus’ background includes work in security systems and currently works with a number of businesses – including the development of drones for usage by television and film directors.

“Using our advanced understanding of computing allows us to be able to build and operate drone cameras with the aim of providing a smoother and better picture for directors.”

Info-plane has been working for a number of years and Marcus believes their move to the Plymouth Science Park will allow their business to grow and expand effectively as it heads towards 2020.

“We primarily work with smaller companies and, as such, it’s great to be able to meet with them on the PSP site where there is ample parking for the client and excellent facilities – including meeting rooms, the amazing on site café and wooded areas which allow for a peaceful and relaxed approach to business.”