How to identify prejudice in the news

There is more news than ever before these days and it has become widely available in many different formats. This has, however, also opened up a gateway for unreliable news stories and various types of biases and prejudices which are not always easy to spot.

We’ve put together some...

10 everyday things invented by accident

Almost all popular inventions today were created by scientists who had a very specific idea and went on to materialize it. To invent something, you have to go through a series of experiments with different calculations. However, in some cases experiments can go wrong, resulting in you creating something you never intended to make – a great product. Everyone on this list may not be a scientist...

Be careful what you grow in your garden

BBC Breakfast News ran a story on this week about Japanese Knotweed and that property owners could now be fined if they do not deal with an infestation on their property. We thought you might like some additional information.

The new Government guidance advises that Council Officers and police will have the power to issue Community Protection Notices for “invasive non-native species”....

The growing influence of police and crime commissioners

In his latest blog, Tony Hogg discusses the growing influence of police and crime commissioners.

In recent weeks both Labour and the Liberal Democrats have made calls for the abolition of Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) and both parties seem determined to return to the type of invisible governance previously provided by police authorities.

I insist on not letting party...

10 everyday products that can save your life

When considering the various things that can save a life, most may not think to turn to their kitchen, purse, or pocket. However, it’s very likely that everyone carries at least one life-saving product on a regular basis without even knowing it.

Who knew items like dental floss, bin bags, and credit cards could save lives – read on to find out how.

1 - Glasses



6 of the weirdest ways people have died

It’s no secret that all of us are going to die at some point. Certain people will die from a long illness, while someone can be perfectly healthy and still die from some other cause. Today, we decided to present you with 6 weirdest ways people have died.

1 - Exploding Bubblegum

Vladimir Likhonos, a 25-year-old chemistry student enjoyed chewing bubblegum a lot; however, he didn’...

Seven best foods to eat to detox

Detoxification can help to remove harmful chemicals from your system, and this is an important step in ensuring your optimal health. While there are many detox kits on the market, they are not one-size-fits-all. Each person has unique biological and chemical needs, so it is wise to consult with a health care professional before you embark on a serious detox regimen. However, there are some...

Tony Hogg's half term warning

Devon and Cornwall's Police and Crime Commissioner, Tony Hogg reflects on the first half of his first term of office for Police and Crime Commmissioners.

As I reach the halfway point in the first term of office for Police and Crime Commissioners, it seems appropriate to reflect on how the role is developing and why it will prove crucial in sustaining and building effective policing...

Seven extreme sports on the rise

Thrill seekers are always looking for new ways to get their adrenaline fix. Innovative extreme sports are created as people experiment with activities and gear, and some of their creations catch on and spread. Some of these sports have a sense of humor, and all of them entail both physical skill and risk. Here are seven extreme sports which are on the rise.

1. Xpogo

You may...

Seven most powerful food combinations

Eating healthy surely isn’t as easy as you might think it is.

Of course, everyone knows that fruits and vegetables are healthier than other foods, but what most people don’t know is how to mix certain foods to get the most powerful and healthy food combinations.

Experts constantly research the best ways to pair food, and these are the combinations they came up with:


6 most common myths adults believe

Even when we reach adulthood, there are stories, old wives’ tales, and myths that persist in hanging around. It can be hard to shake them off, even with cold hard scientific evidence to prove them wrong. Here are the six of the most common myths that adults believe to be true.

6 – Don’t shave; the hair will grow back thicker! This old wives’ tale has been passed down to young women...

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