5 Most Powerful Tips for Essay Writing in English

Sarah Parker
Authored by Sarah Parker
Posted: Tuesday, March 23, 2021 - 22:14

Essay Writing has always been a challenging task for students when it comes to scoring good marks in English. The reason is based on various factors such as poor readability, inappropriate sentence structure, grammatical errors, use of non-suitable vocabulary, etc. Sometimes students do not understand how to get to the original point and start beating about the bush which results in negative outcomes. Can you relate to these factors?

If you are looking forward to getting good grades in English Essay Writing, continue with this write-up. We will address all your problems one by one and provide effective solutions plus bonus tips that would help you stand out first in your class.

Now is the time to improve your essay writing skills with the use of some beneficial tips and tricks? Let's have a look on what are the FIVE most powerful tips for Essay Writing in English.

  1. Build up your Vocabulary

Enrich your essay by making use of high-quality vocabulary that is attractive, easy to understand and is not much fancy. The choice of the words that you are going to incorporate in your essay is of utmost importance. The vocabulary must be relevant to your niche or topic. It saves the readers from possible confusions, thus leading them straight to the actual point.

  1. Review Free Essay Samples

This is one of the most important steps that many essay writers don't pay heed to. This is the point where toppers can be differentiated from mediocre students. To score highest, you have to cover an extra mile where your competitors won't bother to chase you.

All the great experts, regardless of their field, have followed the footsteps of their mentors and other successful ancestors. This is exactly what you are supposed to do - to review the literature. You must have a look at essay examples on essayintl.com that are going to add real value to your work by polishing your essay writing skills. Always remember that in order to achieve the degree of perfection, RESEARCH is the key!

  1. Use a Reporting Tone

Be Inquisitive! This is how you will conquer the essential milestones that are going to lead you towards your ultimate destination. To keep things simpler for you, let's make use of a common example! If you are writing about: Why Smartphone’s are necessary in 2021? First of all, you will have to target some questions that are on the hit list such as what are the uses of a Smartphone. How does the Smartphone make our life easier? These queries will help you produce high-grade essay content. Moreover, the readers will better understand what you are going to convey.

  1. Write strong arguments from both sides

When you are writing an English essay, don't forget that you are writing your thoughts and opinions on something. Therefore, it is inevitable to neglect any side. Let us take the example of an essay titled “Modern age of IT”. You are supposed to cover all the uses and abuses of Information Technology. This goes both sides otherwise it will look immature and unprofessional. In this way, you will be able to communicate the punch line (original theme of the essay) to your audience, more effectively.

  1.  Punctuate Properly

Punctuation is the heart of any essay. Proper Spacing leads to a higher Readability; this leaves a magical impact on readers. Moreover, a mix of short and long sentences will help to create more attraction by adjusting the alignment. It binds your audience till the bottom line of your essay.

Final thoughts

These are the points that play the main part during the creation of a top-notch quality essay. If you consider these simple points, and work on them, we assure that you will harvest the positive outcomes in near future.


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