Ranking the best Nike golf gloves

Johnny Webb
Authored by Johnny Webb
Posted: Tuesday, October 24, 2023 - 21:54

Its rare to find a list of the ‘best’ recommended sports products in any category without at least one offering from the US powerhouse thrown in, such is their reputation for quality and performance across the industry.

The best golf gloves are no exception, and Nike are one of the most popular ‘brands for hands’ in the golf world. The humble golf glove is an often-under-appreciated accessory by many club golfers, typically worn complete with holes, well after its use-by date.

Of course, this completely defeats the objective of providing the enhanced grip needed to keep the club face aligned with the target throughout impact. To give you a rough idea, manufacturers suggest replacing a golf glove after every ten rounds… yes that’s rounds not years!

So, if you’re guilty of glove neglect and Nike is your thing, check out our five best Nike options below. They are all great golf gloves, each with their own strengths, you just need to decide on which one ‘ticks’ (see what we did there) all your boxes!

#1. Nike Tour Classic 4 Golf Glove - $24 / £23 RRP

Our number one ranked Nike glove is the Tour Classic 4, a premium leather-constructed golf glove that offers Nike’s softest feel. The glove, well… fits like a glove, with stretch zones on the back of the hand and fingers for optimum range of motion. The design is heavily perforated making it highly breathable in hot and humid conditions. The Tour Classic 4 is available in both men’s and women’s sizing.

#2. Nike Tech Extreme 7 Golf Glove - $15 / £20 RRP

The Extreme 7 is arguably the best-looking Nike golf, available also in eye-catching camo and US flag print designs. The glove is constructed from a blend of premium leather palm for enhanced feel and comfort, and synthetic leather which adds lightweight durability. The fabric has good stretch qualities making it a highly flexible and breathable option.

#3. Nike Dura Feel X Golf Glove - $12 / £12 RRP

This is a classic-looking glove from Nike that features an abundance of versatility, the synthetic leather palm allows a secure grip, and with the latest version comes a reinforced palm and thumb for better durability. A stretchy fabric around the knuckles supports the natural movement of the swing, the fingers and thumb also feature perforations for airflow to keep the hands cool.

#4. Nike All Weather Golf Glove - $24 / £21 RRP

There won’t be many golfers who relish playing in the rain. Sometimes it's unavoidable, however, and having appropriate wet weather gear can certainly help ease the pain. This all-weather glove is constructed with water-resistant microfibers that enhance your grip in wet conditions, helping to keep your club face square through impact. The glove has a silicone knuckle over mold for superior fit and flexibility. The fabric itself has a good level of stretch to help with range of motion and breathability.

#5. Nike Therma-Fit Golf Mittens - $50 / £42 RRP

Cold hands make golf even more difficult, particularly when it comes to shots requiring feel. If you’re a year-round golfer who enjoys playing on crisp cold winter mornings, then it’s well worth investing in a pair of golf mittens. Nike’s Therma-Fit technology built into these mitts lock in warmth to maintain heat in your hands, ensuring you have sufficient feel to execute delicate chips and tricky long-range putts. A handy zippered pouch at the top lets you store small essentials and a clip at the wrist keeps the mitts together when not in use.

How to choose a golf glove

So, your current golf glove is looking somewhat threadbare, and you’ve bitten the bullet, decided to part ways and invest in a brand-new Nike glove to match the rest of your Tiger-inspired apparel. Here are a few performance considerations to keep in mind before separating with your cash:

Material – Gloves need to provide enhanced grip without overly compromising on feel. Depending on the balance of materials used in the construction process, some gloves will perform better in the grip and durability department (synthetic), and others in feel (leather). Think about your priorities from a glove, and consider the materials used accordingly.

Size – It's common for golfers to purchase gloves that are a size too big for them because they feel too restrictive when tried on for the first time. It should feel tight, however, and you shouldn’t be able to pinch any material on the palm or fingers. Rest assured though, it will loosen up after a few shots.

Budget – Luckily golf gloves are not the most expensive accessory on the golf market. Leather options sit at the more premium end of the market, with a wide range of affordable synthetic gloves retailing under $20/£20. Something to bear in mind though if you intend on replacing your glove as often as is recommended.