Let a New Era of eSports Betting Begin

David Banks
Authored by David Banks
Posted: Wednesday, April 17, 2024 - 23:38

ESports have grown into a global sensation, going side by side with conventional sports. The industry is now commanding billions of dollars and getting attention worldwide. The betting industry is not spared, as sports betting has been on the rise. 

Many bookmakers now offer wagering on sports with exciting markets. This is evident in competitive esports odds offered by GGBET UK and similar top betting brands. With the thrills increasing and many people getting involved, we decided to review Esports betting. Check out the dawn of a new era in Esports Wagering.

The Rise of ESports Betting

ESports' journey to the top of the entertainment world is quite intriguing. What started as a way of satisfying emotion and great gameplay gradually rose to fame. Although video gaming has existed for years with decent engagement, the COVID-19 Lockdown plays a vital role in its rise.

Since traditional sports were on hold, much attention shifted to iGames. With FIFA and NBA2K taking the lead, things gradually changed as the industry gained traction. It became the real deal when more money kept coming in, and players had to train hard and improve their gaming talents to participate.

Many competitions from various games started flooding the online space, and the prizes improved. The great fame eventually attracted bookmakers, beginning a new era. Various game lovers have started staking on their favourite tournaments, and bookies keep improving their gaming services.  Almost all credible bookmakers now offer these betting options on various games.

Various Factors that Aided the Rise?

Many factors play important roles in bringing iGame betting into the limelight. While some had a direct impact, others made it accessible to punters. The following are some factors:

Technology and Innovation

The advancement in technology has the lead role in the new era of sports betting. As different innovations kept on finding their way into the industry, punting became easier. This eventually spread across other aspects of the industry. Some of the technological advancements that aided the growth include:

  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
  • Access to real-time data
  • Emergence of AI-Driven Analytics
  • Live-streaming

Existence of More Games

The scope of iGames expanded with the existence of multiple titles. This gave punters more choices as they have Dota 2, League of Legends, Valorant, Counter-Strike, and others in addition to FIFA and NBA2K. These games also have multiple globally recognized tournaments and leagues, providing events on which to wager.

Live Betting and Live-streaming 

Live betting has influenced the betting industry generally. This allows punting on already existing events, and this further enables informed and better gambling decisions. Punters can now follow their favourite clash and still wager at the same time, increasing the thrills. 

Live Streaming services have even made In-Play punting better. The likes of YouTube and Twitch make it easy to follow tournaments as they unfold without being at the venue. Since they can easily read the situation, it help punters make better betting decisions in the process. This will enhance the winning rate and keep them coming back for more.

Mobile Compatible 

Comfort and easy access to platforms is important in today's betting world. Since many bookmakers now have mobile applications and mobile-optimized sites, punting becomes easier. Bettors can now punt at the comfort of their homes using their smartphones. This simplicity has attracted more people to sports betting.

Betting Communities

As betting on games became more popular, many enthusiasts started connecting on various platforms. This has resulted in a fast-growing community. You can find them on Facebook, X Instagram, etc.; they have aided punting in many ways.

It is now easy to discuss the likely forecast for the coming clashes, which helps punters make better decisions and creates awareness among other members. This eventually led more people to wager on tournaments and leagues.

A Bright Future for Online Esports Betting

You might wonder what the future holds for gaming enthusiasts. There is no sign of stopping as everyone seems attracted to this new sensation. More gaming tournaments and competitions keep coming up, giving people more events to wager on. 

Also, bookmakers appear not to be slowing down as they continue to provide the enabling environment. As the new era begins, it promises to be entertaining and last for years.