Road use drops 30% since start of lockdown

Car use is around 30% lower on weekdays during lockdown 2.0, according to new data released by the Department for Transport.

Weekend road use is also down sharply, a 40% drop since the tighter restrictions came into effect.

By contrast, average car use plummeted 65% during the first lockdown, while April’s Easter weekend registered the lowest level of non-weekday car traffic,...

Keep your eyes safely on the road

Devon drivers have been urged to look after their sight to avoid harming themselves or others.

For Road Safety Week (November 16-22), statistics from Specsavers’ road safety partner charity Brake show that on average people die every day on the UK’s roads and someone is injured every four minutes.

Devon opticians say that poor vision increases a driver’s risk of crashing...

How to Keep Your High Value Car Looking Pristine

Suppose you've just invested in the car of your dreams, congratulations! A luxury car is a great purchase, especially if you've wanted to own one for a while, so logically you'll be hoping to keep it in top condition for as long as possible. Proper care and maintenance are important for all vehicles but is particularly key when it comes to owning a high-value car. These can require a bit more...

Practical tips on how to avoid car accidents

Your life is very precious. And as a driver, it’s your duty to protect your own life and that of others. So, be sure to exercise caution when spinning your car. Don’t let reckless driving get you into a road accident.

Wear Your Seatbelt

According to the National Safety Council, improper seat belt use continues to be a leading cause of road accidents across various states....

Financing a new car

In case you are looking to buy a used car, you will quickly realize that financing a used car is much more complicated than financing a brand new car. However, if you are facing difficulties, below are some tips on how to finance a used car.

1. Find out your credit score before visiting the dealership

First of all, you need to understand that financing a car isn't the same...

Why you need to have travel trailer insurance

For outdoor enthusiasts, there is nothing better than hitting the road and making the most out of the vacation with your RV or travel trailer. However, you need to make sure that you plan properly for your trip and have the right insurance. A travel trailer insurance ensures that your passengers and assets are protected while on a trip.

Depending on the situation, your regular auto...

How to Get the Ultimate Finish on Your Vehicle

Achieving that “showroom finish” on a car is quite a challenge for those not in the know. You see cars on display and wonder why no matter how much you wash and polish, it never quite comes up to that standard. In today’s article, we’ll be explaining the steps to take to achieve the ultimate finish on your vehicle.

Let’s say, for example, you’ve just taken the best paint for DIY car...

Devon travelling road trip

Life on the road: What every motorist needs to know about driving on Devon’s roads

Sun-drenched countryside met with glorious stretches of coastline; Devon has it all. A tourist hotspot in the Summer months, and offering a delicious table to its residents and visitors alike, Devon is undeniably a popular destination.

But, what is it like to drive on some of Devon’s roads? From the winding lanes of Lynton to the helter-skelter that is Haldon Hill, to the narrow...