Tyre Performance Impacting Drive Quality

Authored by Mary
Posted: Friday, May 13, 2022 - 15:50

Has your car suddenly become uncomfortable? Do you feel tired after long drives, or experience muscle strains, as though you have been physically urging the car along the road? Has the pleasure of driving turned into something more of a trial? If you answered yes to any of these questions, your drive performance is in decline for some reason: and that reason is most often the tyres. Let us take a look.

When It's NOT the Tyres

Before you settle on the tyres as causing your new-found drive issues, make sure to rule out other causes of discomfort when driving. These include more serious issues like the brake pads not sitting correctly and therefore rubbing against the tyre, wearing out and causing unnecessary friction which not only adds to the wear and tear of the whole vehicle but it means your fuel consumption shoots up too! The suspension beginning to deteriorate is another reason for an uncomfortable ride, but this will present as bouncing, feeling 'precarious' in your seat or extreme rigidity when you go over even minor bumps.

A less serious problem is the actual seat: if the padding has broken down or is too thin, you might feel as though you are sitting on a hard framework instead. Sometimes a sturdy cushion is all you need to restore your love of driving!


Having your tyres incorrectly inflated can cause a myriad of problems: overinflated tyres can be prone to punctures or even bursting, while driving on underinflated tyres can ruin the structure of the tyre. As well as affecting your ride quality, having your tyres incorrectly inflated can actually make you unsafe on the roads. Modern tyres are carefully engineered to be used at the recommended inflation range – so much so that this has been included in the annual MOT checklist!


If you have recently changed your tyres before the problems all started, then look no further. While budget tyres are legally compliant, and perfectly safe for most drivers, they are not the most comfortable tyres to drive on. Opting for the best possible quality tyre that you can afford will not only be much more comfortable, but it can save you money in the long run: budget tyres tend to wear out quicker than premium ones, forcing you into replacing them sooner than you otherwise would have to. Looking for a tyre fitting specialist in Basingstoke? Headley Tyres has got you covered. Visit now!


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