Yealmpton's Devon Air Ambulance Community Landing Site is now operational 

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Posted: Tuesday, May 14, 2024 - 20:40

Devon Air Ambulance's Community Landing Sites Team are starting Spring 2024 with a flourish and growing their network of night landing sites with a site now operational in Yealmpton.  

This new landing site is the 202nd across Devon and the surveyed landing site will enable Devon Air Ambulance (DAA) to land in the village during the ‘hours of darkness’ where their clinical teams can reach patients more quickly. 

Graham Coates, Landing Sites Manager for Devon Air Ambulance said, ‘We’ve been working with the community in Yealmpton for a number of years and it’s great to see that whilst Covid may have delayed this launch, the support and engagement from the Parish Council never wavered. My thanks to Geoff and his team on Yealmpton Parish Council and Daniel from the Yealmpton Athletics Association for enabling this landing site project to come together so successfully.’ 

The project at Yealmpton required the playing field at the athletics ground and cricket pitch to be fully surveyed so the DAA crew can get a better understanding of the key features of the site and the landscape surrounding it before they arrive on scene by helicopter. This is crucial as it helps the crew with their decision making allowing us to reach the community of Yealmpton as quickly as possible during the hours of darkness.  

Geoff Craddock, Chair of the Yealmpton Parish Council said ‘We’re delighted that the playing fields are now officially a Devon Air Ambulance nighttime landing site. We’re hoping it never has to be used but it could potentially be lifesaving to anyone needing it in the village, something we are proud to be able to offer within the community!’ 

Graham Coates went on to say: ‘We would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone at Yealmpton Parish Council, the Yealmpton Athletics Association and the landowner for all their efforts, support and hard work with getting this landing site operational.’ 

You can read more about the charity’s network of community landing sites here: 

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