Warrior Women Project Unveils Exciting New Workshop Series: 'Find Your Inner Warrior'

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Posted: Monday, April 1, 2024 - 16:26

North Devon—March 15, 2024— The Warrior Women Project, a Community Interest Company based in North Devon, is delighted to introduce an empowering new boxing workshop series, 'Find Your Inner Warrior,' aimed at fostering personal growth and empowerment among women through non-contact boxing.

Scheduled to kick off on Friday, May 31st, and running through July 5th, the 'Find Your Inner Warrior' workshops will take place every Friday from 9:30 to 11:00 am at Aysha George Training and Fitness, Coxleigh Barton EX31 4JL.

The six-week program is delivered by Clinical Psychologist and boxing coach Dr George Capone, combining both her psychological knowledge, passion for movement and specialist interest in body based therapy. The classes are designed to provide transformative experiences for participants, taking an embodied approach to boxing helping individuals tap into their inner strength, assertiveness, and self-care abilities. Each class, spanning an hour and a half, will guide participants on a journey to reconnect back to their bodies to feel more confident and empowered.

The 'Find Your Inner Warrior' workshops will feature strategies tailored to help participants:

  • Find their inner warrior
  • Take up space
  • Express themselves
  • Ask for what they need
  • Set boundaries
  • Enhance self-care practices

In addition to the in-person classes, participants will have access to a dedicated WhatsApp support group. This peer support space will serve as a platform for participants to ask questions, share experiences, and receive motivation from fellow participants. The group aims to help individuals apply the skills learned in class to their everyday lives effectively.

To ensure that the workshop meets the needs and goals of each participant, an initial consultation is required, which can be scheduled through the Warrior Women Project's website. The consultation is free of charge, and participants will not incur any costs if they decide the workshop is not suitable for them after the consultation.

The workshop series is priced at £100 per person, with discounted spaces potentially available for individuals accessing support from local agencies. Those interested in learning more or securing their spot are encouraged to visit the Warrior Women Project's website and schedule a free consultation.

"We are thrilled to introduce the 'Find Your Inner Warrior' workshop series, which we believe will empower participants to embrace both their strength and vulnerability," said George Capone, (Company founder/Clinical Psychologist/Boxing coach) at the Warrior Women Project. "Through this program, we aim to create a supportive community where individuals can discover their inner warrior, authenticity and cultivate the confidence to navigate life's challenges."

About Warrior Women Project:

The Warrior Women Project is a Community Interest Company based in North Devon, dedicated to empowering women through workshops, classes and 1:1 life coaching. With a focus on personal growth, and community building, the Warrior Women Project strives to create a supportive environment where individuals can reconnect with their bodies and unlock their full potential.

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