Revealed: The best cities for cyclists

Revealed: The best cities for cyclists

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Posted: Friday, February 12, 2021 - 22:31

While road cycling deaths have decreased over the years, many are still getting injured on the roads for a variety of reasons, but with the shortened days and winter weather, visibility is key in preventing more accidents. 

In the report, UK’s Best & Worst Cycling Commuter Cities in Winter, Electric Bike Access has analysed the rainfall, temperature and cycling incidents data of UK cities to determine which cities have tougher wintry commutes and advise cyclists on how best to prepare. 

In the study, London topped the list for the highest number of injuries and fatalities (778) - 17.6% of the nationwide reported incidents in 2019 - but the worst cities for cyclists when factoring in for weather were:

  1. Leeds

  2. Glasgow

  3. Liverpool

  4. Birmingham

  5. Preston

The best cities for cyclists were:

  1. Hereford

  2. Plymouth

  3. Wakefield

  4. Swansea

  5. Sunderland = tied for 5th 

  6. Southampton = tied for 5th 

  7. London = tied for 5th 

Edward Pegram, Commercial Partnerships Manager at EBA, comments on the findings: “Winter can be a rough time for cyclists whether you’re commuting to work or cycling for exercise. Nevertheless, there are ways to protect yourself and your bike to make it an enjoyable experience. 

Most important during the short days and long nights is visibility. We recommend always having a light for your bike that functions in day and night as the weather can change at any given moment. This also extends to your clothing. High-vis and reflective jackets will keep you and other road users safe and alert.”

For more advice on winter-proofing your cycling journey, visit the EBA blog: