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National Careers Week 2024: Empowering Individuals to Shape Their Futures

Stuart Devlin
Authored by Stuart Devlin
Posted: Tuesday, February 27, 2024 - 15:25

National Careers Service Southwest Celebrates National Careers Week 2024

The National Careers Service Southwest is thrilled to announce its participation in National Careers Week 2024, taking place from Monday 4th March to Saturday 9th March. This week-long celebration aims to provide invaluable resources and opportunities for individuals across the Southwest who are seeking career guidance, contemplating a change in their professional journey, or have been impacted by redundancy, learning challenges, or other barriers to work.

As part of the celebration, the National Careers Service Southwest will be hosting and attending a series of engaging and informative careers events across the region. These careers events are free and open to all, fostering inclusivity for anyone looking to explore new career possibilities or enhance their employability. Whether you are just starting out in your employment journey or navigating a career change, the National Careers Service Southwest is here to support you.

For more events near you, check out our online calendar here: If you've never been to a careers fair before, we've a list of handy hints and tips that you might find useful here;

Attendees can expect a wide array of activities tailored to their needs, including workshops, seminars, and networking opportunities. These events will not only provide valuable insights into various industries but will also offer practical advice on CV writing, interview techniques, and career planning.

Personalised Careers Advice at Your Fingertips

One of the highlights of National Careers Week 2024 is the opportunity to receive personalised careers advice and information. The National Careers Service Southwest is committed to offering high-quality, free, and impartial guidance to individuals aged 13 and above, regardless of where they are in their career journey.

For those unable to attend the events in person, the National Careers Service hotline at 0800 100 900 will remain operational throughout the week. This hotline serves as a lifeline for individuals seeking professional guidance, providing a direct line to experienced career advisors ready to offer support and information.

In addition to event details, dates, and venues available on the National Careers Service website, the hotline serves as a convenient avenue for those seeking immediate assistance or unable to attend the events physically.

Success Stories: Breaking Barriers and Achieving Goals

The National Careers Service Southwest is proud to showcase a collection of inspiring case studies highlighting success stories from individuals who have benefitted from the service. These stories encapsulate the diverse range of employment, health, and wellbeing opportunities made possible through the National Careers Service.

From breaking down barriers to achieving personal and professional goals, the case studies exemplify how the National Careers Service Southwest has played a pivotal role in supporting individuals from all walks of life. Whether overcoming redundancy, managing learning challenges, or navigating physical disabilities, the National Careers Service has proven instrumental in empowering individuals to shape their futures.

"National Careers Week is a crucial initiative that allows us to connect with individuals across the Southwest, providing them with the resources and guidance they need to make informed decisions about their careers. We believe that everyone, regardless of their circumstances, deserves the opportunity to pursue a fulfilling and rewarding career." - Sam Appleby, Business Manager – Devon and Dorset.

About the National Careers Service Southwest:

The National Careers Service Southwest is a dedicated resource committed to providing free and impartial careers advice, information, and guidance to individuals aged 13 and above. With a focus on inclusivity, the service strives to support individuals from diverse backgrounds, offering tailored assistance to those navigating career changes, seeking employment for the first time, or facing challenges such as redundancy, learning difficulties, or physical disabilities.

For more information about National Careers Week 2024 events, please visit our website at To access personalized careers advice and information, contact the National Careers Service hotline at 0800 100 900.