A Guide to Buying Unique Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Sarah Parker
Authored by Sarah Parker
Posted: Friday, October 19, 2018 - 08:03

Whether you’re young, old, single, engaged, or have been married for years, the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day can be very stressful. The pressure is on to find the perfect gift. Ideally, it should be sentimental but not corny, practical but at the same time meaningful. It should also have value that doesn’t just mean pounds and pence. Many people detest the thought of having to buy something on a day that has become so commercial, but, it is something you need to consider, unless you don’t mind being in the dog house for weeks. If you’d like some ideas on how you can make the day special, here are some unique Valentine’s gift ideas to try.

Unique Valentine’s Gifts for Her

It could be your wife, it could be your girlfriend, it could even be your best friend. You want a gift that’s romantic but not too cheesy. A candlelit dinner and flowers have already been arranged, but you also want to find a gift that expresses your innermost feelings.

Jewellery is a good place to start. After all, women have been adorning themselves with it for centuries. Find a pendant, earrings, bracelet, or ring and get it personalised. Find something that complements her current collection and get it engraved.

How long ago did you write your sweetheart a love letter? Social media seems to have taken the place of writing sweet messages, so take a moment to resurrect this aged old way of telling someone you love them. Expressing your feelings on paper is definitely not going to be something she’s expecting.

All ladies love to accessorise, with handbags, scarves, belts, gloves, and shoes. If you know there’s been something she’s had her eye on for ages splash the cash and treat her to it for Valentine’s Day.

Sensual lingerie is another gift that’s going to surprise. Here’s betting she didn’t even realise you knew the right size to buy! Satin, silk, and lace are what you need to be looking for. Leather or skin-tight PVC is probably not going to be high on her lingerie list. 

Unique Gifts for the Man in Your Life

You want your gift to express how much you love your husband or boyfriend, but you don’t want it to be too cliché. Valentine’s gifts seem to revolve around lots of pink, flowers, hearts and cuddly things. Not really very manly, are they? It is possible to find gifts that will appeal to the man in your life, but to help you out, here are some suggestions.

Gather a collection of his favourite tipples and you might even be able to persuade him to stay at home rather than nip down the pub for a few. Mix and match specialist beers and ales and present them to him in a cool bag. Alternatively, you might want to arrange a picnic and take them along to enjoy together. Although, you might want to arrange a taxi rather than drive.

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so why not test the theory for your Valentine’s Day treat? Take him out to his favourite restaurant, order a hamper filled with delicious treats, or cook him a meal you know he’ll love. It’s bound to earn you lots of brownie points you can cash in sometime in the future.

Something really unusual would be a personalised number plate for his car. This is becoming a very popular gift for a number of different special occasions. There are a number of benefits to having a personalised number plate. For example, it can reveal a creative side your husband never knew you had. It will give him the opportunity to set himself apart from all the other drivers on the road. A personalised number plate has a unique identity. There won’t be another one like it. It can also be a good investment. Primo Registrations is one place you can go to buy them.

Why not take the opportunity to make him laugh by buying a couple of tickets to a comedy show? Look online and see whether any comedians are visiting your area in the future. Laughter can be very powerful and is known to help relieve stress, pain, and conflict.

You may have already given the next suggestion a try, with little success. Socks are the one gift the man in your life will have come to expect. After all, aren’t they given on occasions when people are all out of ideas? It can, however, also be an unusual gift if you find the right pair of socks to give him. Don’t go for boring brown, black, or grey. Instead, look for a pair that suits his personality. If he loves football, then buy him a pair that features his favourite team. If he’s a fisherman, then get some socks with fish on them. For the dog lover, a pair covered in paw prints is essential. There are so many different colours and styles to choose from you’re bound to find a pair or two that suit his taste.

Why Not Try Something Handmade?

Shopping for Valentine’s Day gifts can get very hectic. For weeks leading up to the big day, the shops will be heaving with stressed out lovers looking for the ultimate gift. Save yourself from the frenzy by making something yourself. Create something with your own two hands and it’ll be remembered forever. If you really haven’t got a crafty bone in your body, then take a look at one of the many online sites that are used by artisans to sell their crafts. There are thousands of hand-crafted Valentine’s gifts from all around the world. You don’t have to worry about travelling to an exotic location to find an unusual gift. From the comfort of your own living room, you can place your order online and it’ll arrive within a few days.

Go that extra mile for your choice of Valentine’s Day gift and your efforts will be more than rewarded.