Planning on Selling Your House? Everything You Should Know

Sarah Parker
Authored by Sarah Parker
Posted: Friday, May 13, 2022 - 07:30

Contrary to common misconceptions, selling a house is not as simple as taking pictures of each room, and posting them online.

No matter if you personally own the house or you’re an investor who’s looking into earning a profit off of your investment, it doesn’t change that there are a lot of things that you should know way before you put that “For Sale” sign. Doing things rashly just for the sake of selling the property faster will just mean opening yourself up to the possible loss of investment and fraudulent offers.

That said, what exactly do you need to master first if you decide to push through in selling your house? This is what we’re going to talk about in the following sections.

1. You need to go through complex legal matters to finalize the house sale

When selling a house, you don’t just take the money of the buyer and call it a day. There are a lot of legal matters that you still need to take care of the previous owner. This includes transferring ownership, finalizing the deed of sale, updating legal documents, and so much more.

Hence, if you’re not experienced in handling legal matters, it’s safe to say that you’ll get confused in no time. This is where the role of conveyancers comes in. With them, you will find the process more convenient since they will take care of all the requirements for you. This means that you can just focus on getting leads instead of going back and forth legal offices just to wrap up a sale.

If you don’t have a conveyancer yet, start by looking through conveyancing solicitor quotes like, and go on from there.

2. Selling a house is far from easy

If you think that selling a house is easy, and is simply a break in the bank, then you’re entirely wrong. You need to exert a ton of time and effort just to get a lead, and to eventually turn it into a sale.

From the preparation of selling materials, and marketing, up to communicating with prospective clients; all of these will require your part in order to work.

Of course, you have a choice to work with professional marketers. It will be convenient for all the parties involved, but if you’re running on a budget, the only solution is to do everything yourself.

3. You need to give time for leads, offers, and sales to come through

No matter how beautiful you think your property is, you can’t really expect offers to come rushing in within just hours of posting your home’s photos and specifications. Some will take days before the very first lead comes up. This applies even if you market your offer in the best way possible.

Because of this, you need to know the importance of patience in being a property seller. Without this quality, it’s evident that you won’t get far in finalizing your home’s sale.

4. You don’t need extravagant home upgrades just to sell your property

You may be thinking that you have to make major renovations just to make your property sellable. However, this only works if your home is basically unlivable. If it’s still in a good condition, then installing extravagant home upgrades won’t really make any sense. The only thing that it will do is increase your financial investment, but, at the same time, increase your probable loss.

5. Photos play a big part in the number of offers that you’re going to get

Prospective buyers get their first impression of your property using the photos that you’ll provide them with. This is also the first thing that you need to prepare once you’re fully decided on selling your house. That said, it’s just right that you exert effort in coming up with high-quality, clear, and attractive photos of your property. Make sure to capture all its key points and highlights in order to attract the largest market base possible.


As you can see, selling your house doesn’t automatically equate to easy money. There are a lot of official processes that you need to go through before you can present an agreement with a buyer. This doesn’t include the tasks needed to finalize the deed of sale yet.

Because of this, it’s just right that you work with a conveyancer throughout the whole process. Having them on your side will lift a heavy burden on your responsibilities since they will be the ones responsible for the trickiest part of selling a property — finalizing legal documents.

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