Garden Furniture Ideas: How to Pick the Perfect Garden Furniture for Your Home

Sarah Parker
Authored by Sarah Parker
Posted: Sunday, October 30, 2022 - 09:07

Do you like a garden table that will make outdoor entertaining a pleasure? Perhaps you’d prefer loungers to make a relaxing sanctuary outside your back door. This guide will help you find the best furnishings for you.

Making sure you pick the proper material for your garden furniture is essential. We run through the most common types and list the pros and cons for each.

  1. Plastic Garden Furniture

Plastic garden furniture is excellent if you are on a budget. You will find numerous shapes and styles at low costs. Nonetheless, they might not be as sturdy and durable as other materials.

Plastic is weather-resistant, so you should not store them away in the winter. However, too much heat can often make it warp.

Many plastic options will also come assembled. If you are short on space, try to pick a stackable set to make showing away much simpler.

  1. Metal Garden Furniture

Are you searching for something durable and low maintenance? Metal could be for you.

It is weatherproof and sturdy (just ensure you go for a rust-resistant set) and could be left outside your house all year round. But many will come with cushions that must be stored when cold or wet.

You will also need to be extra careful not to burn yourself, as the material is extremely hot in sunny weather. Many metal furniture sets are minimalist in design, while others are foldable. That’s perfect if you have a smaller balcony or garden.

The costs of these types of furniture vary based on the size and type of set.

  1. Wood Garden Furniture

Wood is ideal if you have a nature theme in your home. If you pick the perfect type, it will be a durable and sturdy addition to your garden.

Softwoods such as cedar and pine will cost less but are ideal for indoor furnishings. It would also require continuous protection from the elements.

More expensive hardwoods like eucalyptus and teak will last longer. If treated with stain and oil annually, it should weather naturally.

  1. Rattan Garden Furniture

You’ll find two types of rattan—synthetic and natural. Both provide a woven style effect that looks incredible in a variety of colors and suits all kinds of spaces.

Natural wicker rattan is durable and looks great, but it is not weather-resistant. That’s why most outdoor options will be made from synthetic polyethylene resin.

Quality resin is weatherproof, making it perfect for garden furniture all year round, not to mention it’s a lot cheaper than natural options.

However, if you live where you often get strong winds, you might need storage space because resin rattan is light and might be susceptible to blowing over.

Where to Find Cheap Garden Furniture?

Cheap garden furniture is often made from aluminum, steel, plastic, and softwoods like pine. You can pick up a basic 2-seater dining set for as little as $30. Big stores such as IKEA, Walmart, and Amazon stock a wide selection of affordable options.

Furniture sets made from cheaper materials like plastic are good if you like to save money. But remember that it won’t be as sturdy as pricier rattan or hardwood options, nor is it environment-friendly.

Thus, if you are searching for a long-term investment, you will need to spend a bit more.