DIY a thing of the past for rightsizers opting for flexible and adaptable new-build homes

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Posted: Tuesday, March 6, 2018 - 11:42

The challenge of finding a home with just the right amount of space and with absolutely no need for DIY is driving many buyers to new-build properties in Plymouth.

Increasingly, newer homes are designed to provide flexible space that fits a wide variety of lifestyles, providing those who may previously have opted to downsize with the luxury of rooms that are perfect suited to their requirements.

“We think very hard when we create new house types, because our buyers tell us they want to be able to alter the way they use the space they live in, as and when they need to,” said David Wilson Homes sales director, Sara Parker. “These days that doesn’t mean reducing the square footage of a property, but it might mean providing rooms that can be easily adapted by those who own them, as their living requirements change.

“Many of our buyers tell us that older properties they’ve looked at just don’t offer that degree of flexibility, and they are also much more difficult to maintain. A love for DIY is not prevalent in many homebuyers, and that’s why more and more are turning to new-builds.

“It’s a case of moving in and settling down to enjoy your new surroundings. We offer our buyers a blank canvas to put their own stamp on - so there’s the enjoyment of creating a home with your own ideas and added touches, with no maintenance required.

“Rightsizers know exactly what they want, but they also expect their circumstances to change at some point in the future, so they look for somewhere that is not necessarily smaller than their previous property, but that fulfils their wish list, both now and in the future.

“And knowing they’re unlikely to have to call on their tools for any major changes or fixes in their homes, is a reassuring thought for many.”

New-build houses are also significantly more energy-efficient, helping owners to save those all-important pennies on fuel bills.

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