Black vs white windows: A simple guide to decide

Sarah Parker
Authored by Sarah Parker
Posted: Saturday, December 17, 2022 - 04:38

When moving into or building a new home, there are lots of decisions to make; do you get cladding? Do you want an extension? Real grass or turf? But one of the biggest decisions facing many homeowners at the moment is whether to get black windows or white windows to improve the curb appeal of their home! So let's compare the two.

Why are black-framed windows so popular?

Black framed windows have recently gained a boost in popularity, and as such can be seen all over social media. Pinterest, Tik Tok, and Instagram are packed full of aesthetically pleasing pictures of these gorgeous black framed windows on french doors of brand-new, modern homes. These gorgeous images of large windows are making more people debate opting for dark window frames for their own homes.

Part of the reason that these black frames on both exterior windows and interior windows have gained such popularity is due to the contrast that they create with white walls. The classic pairing of black and white is a popular interior design choice, and likely always will be. It's a forever trend, and even when people drift away from it for a while, it tends to return. Likewise, the black and white pairing is often associated with minimalism. This is another huge trend at the moment, with many Instagram-worthy homes opting for very little colour and decoration after Marie Kondo and other famous interior design idols pushed for more minimalism.

These two factors made enough people get black windows that the viral images began to appear online, and in turn, those images pushed others into making the same decision. This has resulted in a lot of companies popping up due to demand for uPVC window painters. But, like with many social media images, many of these pictures were strategically taken and positioned, and the same house that you see in a Pinterest picture may well look completely different in real life!

Are black window frames a fad?

A fad is a trend that is particularly short-lived, and so, for that reason, black windows manage to escape the negative connotations of being categorised as a fad. They are definitely a trend, but, having been around since the 19th century, it doesn't seem to be a short-lived trend whatsoever. Black interior windows and black exterior windows have been around for years and years. They might have had a renaissance as of late, but black steel windows were used way back when in factories and warehouses, and the modern black windows are merely a homage to this stylistic choice.

What's more, black is a classic. It is used in interior design by many people to make a dramatic statement within a home, and so whilst black frame windows may be a trend, it is likely that they are a trend that is here to stay. Black windows are becoming more and more common, and whilst the average lifespan of a trend is 10 years, it definitely appears that this trend has no intention of dying out.

Is getting black windows a good idea?

This question is asked by homeowners and designers across the world on a daily basis. The trend looks great, sure, but is getting black windows really a good idea? Is there a benefit to getting black windows over white frames or wood windows? Should you opt for black window frames and white interior windows? Ultimately, people want to be sure that they won't regret their decision. To help, here are the pros and the cons of black windows:

Pros of black windows:

  • Black window frames work well in a minimalist house or a home with a monochrome colour scheme. Black interior windows provide an extension of the pre-existing motif within a home up onto the walls of the property.
  • Black framed windows and white walls can create a bold and dramatic contrast that is very attractive in a home.
  • Black windows can break up an otherwise bland and plain white wall.
  • Black framed windows can look incredible when done right, and can increase the value of a property - especially in the modern housing market.
  • Black painted uPVC windows are likely to last longer than plain uPVC windows, as the specially designed paint will protect the window frames from UV rays.
  • Black windows work well with brushed nickel hardware and the industrial style which is incredibly popular in modern homes.

Cons of black windows:

  • Black windows often only look nice with drapes or expensive roman shades, and as such are often left uncovered. Uncovered windows are not a possibility for many homes, especially in cities and during the summer.
  • Black exterior windows and black interior windows may go out of style; whilst it doesn't seem likely right now, time is unpredictable. There may be a new trend in a decade or so, and changing the colour of your windows is not always an easy task.
  • Black windows can make it hard to match decor, especially black interior windows. Whilst black goes with everything, the black interior window frames can draw attention away from the decor, making the room feel too busy.
  • Black exterior windows can look odd from the outside; often, dark window frames create an almost black-hole appearance, especially if there is nothing bright within the black framed window.
  • Black windows may well fade over time, leading to touch-ups and further spraying costs.
  • Black windows might cost more to install (potentially as much as 10 to 20% more), and if you are updating current window frames to black frames, this is likely too. Things like black vinyl windows are expensive to achieve and do not necessarily last as long as other, simpler window frames.

Are white window frames better than black frames?

So with all of that in mind - are white windows better? Well, here's what you need to know. White frames are much more neutral than black frames, making them easier to style and to cover. A black window will require a certain type of decor and likely a splash of black within the room's colour scheme, but white windows will not. White interior windows at the very least, can help to make the decorating easier. White windows will also not fade over time, or at least not as much. They can still look modern, and in fact many modern farmhouse styles include white trim and white windows.

That being said, white windows are plain and often considered dull, whereas a black window grabs your attention. White windows also become difficult if the home has white walls, as matching the two shades of white can prove tiresome. Check out our other ways to make your windows look better.

Ultimately, both white windows and black windows have their own benefits and negatives; it is up to you as a homeowner to decide which of these will impact you most. But also consider this: why not both? You can always have a black interior trim, or modern black windows on the outside and then have your interior window white - shake it up a little and make your windows work for you!