Planning the Perfect Devon Roadtrip

Sarah Parker
Authored by Sarah Parker
Posted: Tuesday, April 2, 2024 - 16:11

We all know that staying at home, cosy and comfortable is a good time. Especially if you’re the type of person to spend your time reading or playing games. But even if you conducted a study on the hottest games amongst UK players, there may still be those who want to be out on the road.

If you’re dreaming of a scenic road trip with stunning coastlines, charming villages, and picturesque landscapes, then look no further than Devon. It’s a southwestern county in England that offers the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable adventure. 

With its rolling hills, dramatic cliffs, and sandy beaches, Devon is a mini paradise. Planning the perfect Devon road trip is easier than you might think, and with a bit of prep, you can create beautiful memories in this stunning region.

Getting Started

Here are a couple of basic tips to help you get started as you plan your trip through Devon.

Choose Your Route

Devon is a large county with a diverse range of landscapes, so you'll want to plan your route carefully. Whether you're interested in exploring the rugged coastline, discovering charming villages, or hiking through the countryside, there's something for everyone.

Do Your Research

To help you plan your route, it's a good idea to conduct some research online. There are plenty of blogs and websites that offer great resources and itineraries for exploring Devon by road. They provide valuable insights into the best places to visit, where to stay, and what to see along the way.

Setting a Timeframe

When planning your Devon road trip, consider how much time you have available. Whether you're planning a weekend getaway or a week-long adventure, there's plenty to keep you busy.

Mapping Out Your Stops

Devon is home to some incredible attractions, including the historic city of Exeter, the picturesque town of Dartmouth, and the stunning Dartmoor National Park. Be sure to include these must-see destinations in your itinerary, as well as any other attractions that catch your eye along the way.

Planning Your Accommodation

Devon has a great range of accommodation options, from cosy bed and breakfasts to luxury hotels. Consider where you'll be staying each night and book your accommodation in advance to avoid any last-minute stress. Many of Devon's hotels and guesthouses offer stunning views of the surrounding countryside, so choose a place that complements your itinerary. You can contact these spots personally or use a service like AirBnB.

Explore Devon's Hidden Gems

Devon is not just about the well-known attractions; it's also about the hidden gems that make your road trip truly unforgettable. Here are a few places you should consider adding to your itinerary:


Nestled on the banks of the Kingsbridge Estuary, Salcombe is a picturesque town. It’s known for its stunning beaches, charming streets, and vibrant waterfront. Explore independent shops, enjoy a leisurely boat ride along the estuary, or simply relax on the sandy beaches.


Step back in time with a visit to Clovelly, a village that has remained unchanged for centuries. With its cobbled streets, quaint cottages, and stunning views of the Bristol Channel, Clovelly offers a glimpse into Devon's past. Don't miss the chance to visit the Clovelly Court Gardens! They are renowned for their beauty and tranquillity.


Tucked away on the Jurassic Coast, the village of Beer is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Explore the charming streets, visit the local art galleries, and enjoy a traditional Devonshire cream tea overlooking the stunning coastline.


No visit to Devon would be complete without exploring Dartmoor National Park. With its rugged landscapes and ancient woodlands, Dartmoor offers endless opportunities for outdoor adventure. Hike to the top of Haytor for panoramic views, explore the ancient ruins of Grimspound, or soak up the natural beauty of this stunning national park.


Located on the border of Devon and Somerset, Exmoor National Park is a haven for wildlife and outdoor enthusiasts. Explore the park's rolling hills, deep valleys, and wild moorlands, and keep an eye out for red deer, ponies, and buzzards. 


Planning the perfect Devon road trip is an exciting adventure that offers endless opportunities for exploration and discovery. By choosing your route carefully, creating a flexible itinerary, and packing the essentials, you can ensure that your road trip is a memorable experience that you'll cherish for years to come. So, pack your bags, hit the road, and get ready to explore the stunning landscapes of Devon!