Make money while travelling? 10 different ways to increase your budget

Sarah Parker
Authored by Sarah Parker
Posted: Friday, May 17, 2019 - 11:54

Who does not want to travel endlessly and earn money?!

Make money while travelling! We'll show you how you can make this dream possible!

H1: How to Make Money During Your Trip

Who does not want to travel endlessly and earn money ?! I'll show you how to make this dream possible in 10 different ways!

H2: 1. The Working Holiday Visa

Do you want to earn money while traveling? This is the mother of all travel jobs!

In many countries of the world (Australia, New Zealand, UK, parts of South America, and others) you can get a visa that allows you to spend a year in the country and work for 6 months.

You’re not tied to a specific location and can move freely while exploring the country. A working holiday visa is a great chance to do volunteering, meet new people, and earn.

H2: 2. Fruit Picking

Probably the best-known way to earn money in Australia and New Zealand during the working holiday visa. However, do not get too excited yet!

Collecting strawberries for ten to twelve hours in the blazing sun can be quite exhausting and is not always rewarded accordingly. Therefore, you should first know well what conditions your job brings with it!

This could be the hardest way to earn your living while traveling.

H2: 3. Waiter / Waitress

Have you been working part-time as a waiter or waitress during your studies or in a bar near your house? Wonderful!

Then you will not find it difficult to stay in other countries. Just run from bar to bar with your CV and ask for vacancies.

But, there’s only one catch: In some countries, you need a special license. However, you can often get it through a simple online course.

H2: 4. Nursing / Care

If you have a nursing education, you can find jobs almost anywhere. There are sick and needy people all around the world, and even if your education is not recognized everywhere, you can at least work as a nursing assistant.

This is a very lucrative opportunity in many countries, especially in Australia.

All you need is your translated diploma, one or two English references (the best if already issued by your old employer) and a nursing agency such as Healthcare Australia.

H2: 5. Cruise Ships

Whether as an entertainer for guests or their children, as a kitchen helper, an excursion guide or a chambermaid, the jobs on cruise ships are in abundance!

The conditions, however, are often very special.

You will work 7 days a week, share the room with other employees, and tolerate annoying guests, among other cons. But there are also benefits: good pay, a chance to make international contacts, etc.

Earning money and sailing around the world, isn’t that great?

H2: 6. Cafés, shops, restaurants

These types of establishments are always looking for personnel and have positions that don’t require any special skills. Just show up with your resume at several places and be persistent. An offense is the best defense!

Also, always keep your eyes open for “help needed” notes on the windows!

H2: 7. Construction

Working on the construction site — not everyone will hire you, but you can make very good money in this type of job.

There are many things you can do by just having enough physical strength (to lift and carry stuff) or patience and a bit of skill (to paint), etc.

H2: 8. Tour Guide

Ask the tourism office of a city if they still need tour guides, and then read and develop the necessary knowledge. If you stay in one place for a long period (so you do not have to constantly pack in and out), it's well worth the effort.

H2: 9. Your Specialty

Much more often than you think, you can implement your skills and education in other countries. Inform yourself, think outside the box, sift through all the conventional ideas, and consider how you can continue your job without being bound to a particular location.

If there are vacancies related to your field of competence, that could be the most profitable way of earning money during traveling. For example, if you are good at academic writing, you can work remotely for companies that offer students to buy an essay online. In such a case, you will not be tied to one spot, which allows you to travel freely.

H2: 10. Traveling Blogger or Influencer

It sounds simple, but everything is not as easy as you might imagine. While there are some ways to make money from your travel blog or becoming an influencer on Instagram, both ways need a lot of preparation, time, and a lot of work.

So if you do not shy away from hard work and patience, then do it! Let's go!

Whether you offer to proofread restaurant menus for translation errors in Asian countries or negotiate commission deals with tour operators, there is always a way to earn extra cash while traveling.

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