Junket Tour: The Great Opportunity for Gambling Fans

Sarah Parker
Authored by Sarah Parker
Posted: Friday, April 30, 2021 - 11:17

Finding an idea for a vacation is not always easy, especially if you have seen a lot and have been everywhere. Fortunately, there is one area of ​​recreation that is never the same - junket. What is it? These are entertainment casino tours that offer travelers a comfortable transfer, comfortable accommodation, excursions, and, of course, a game in the best casinos on the planet. This concept came to us from Chicago. Today, it designates all tours with a gambling component and is a great alternative to websites not on gamstop. Similar programs are already available in all decent casinos. And the variety of ways to spend time recklessly and pleasantly is so great that it can satisfy the interest of the most demanding traveler. If the budget is limited, there is also a solution, as casinos are interested in attracting absolutely all categories of guests.

Where does Junket Tourism originate from?

Today, a junket tour is most often organized to play at a gambling house or try your luck at a poker tournament. But as statistics show, this is not enough for many, and they still make bets in virtual establishments, for example, https://www.financials2017.com/nonuk-casinos/. As already noted, for the first time, this word was used in Chicago and meant rest at public funds. It is interesting:

  • In England, this word denotes various picnics, recreational activities, and trips or feasts. In America, it means business trips paid for by the company, where the employee rests more than works, as well as any kind of rest for "not their own" money;
  • A few years later, when the word has become firmly in use in the West, they began to denote any trips for which the person to whom the vacationer is traveling pays;
  • In America and England, not every junket tour involves visiting a gambling house. For example, if a tourist goes to another city or country to visit a big sporting event, and a third party pays his expenses in full, then such a vacation will also be considered a junket;
  • In North America, "rock junket" is still widespread. So, all fans of a particular rock group visit the sights associated with their idols or the concerts of their favorites.

The very idea of ​​organizing such a holiday is far from new. For the first time, junkets began to be carried out fifty years ago. The most common cities for junket tourism were Las Vegas and Monte Carlo.

Junket Tour Assumes Set Gambling Requirements

Each junket tour has carefully crafted casino rules for travelers. If a player does not comply with the terms of the contract, penalties may occur. One should read the entire agreement, and especially the part that relates to the player's obligations. The most common conditions are (although others are possible):

  • purchase of casino chips for a certain amount;
  • wagering on the listed gambling: usually, the casino offers to make a predetermined percentage of bets in games where the advantage of the gambling establishment is higher;
  • limited range of rates;
  • the agreed number of hours spent in the gambling halls.

To hedge against non-executive guests, the casino asks to open a deposit, on which the amount should be no less than the one that the player undertakes to bet in the casino.

Organization Features: Is Everything So Simple?

The main distinguishing feature of junket tours that attract travelers is that the trip organizers bear most of the expenses. Depending on the wealth of the gambling house and the tourist himself, he may be offered free:

  • transfer / travel;
  • accommodation in a good hotel;
  • visiting restaurants and cafes;
  • entertainment parties;
  • excursions and so on.

But not everything is so simple. To take advantage of the free benefits, the tourist must comply with certain conditions. In each case, the requirements may vary, but the general provisions are always the same:

  1. Each tourist must open a deposit account in advance and deposit a certain amount on it, which can then be spent exclusively in the casino;
  2. All vacationers should spend 2 to 5 hours a day in a gambling house. The number of hours depends on the player's minimum bets.

Therefore, it is impossible to use such a tour free of charge. A tourist will not be able to fly in, settle down at the casino expense, and then spend all the time in restaurants and on excursions.

To Conclude: Gambling Destination of Your Vacation

The popularity of junkets has greatly increased recently! The organizers offer not just a gambling weekend but a full range of services that allows you not to think about anything except playing in the casino. And best of all, the cost of casino tours is incredibly affordable. If you are an avid lover of playing poker with a real dealer, regularly replenish your deposits, and make bets, you will be surprised that playing in a real casino with accommodation in a comfortable room will cost only a little more. Moreover, the gambling part is easy to combine with the excursion and having rest. You can always individually compose a tour, including visits to interesting places, dinners in restaurants, cosmetic and relaxation procedures in the range of services. In all countries where casinos operate, there are several types of junket tours.