Devon caravan holidays: A guide for annual visitors

Sarah Parker
Authored by Sarah Parker
Posted: Thursday, October 15, 2020 - 11:02

One of the UK’s favourite counties for holidaymakers, Devon is renowned for both its atmospheric inland moors and its coastal towns - scenic, sun-splashed, and characterful. It’s little wonder that Devon, with its abundance of natural flora and fauna and its luxury of space, attracts many thousands of caravan holidayers each year. For those who come back for more year after year, this short guide is designed to help you get the most out of your caravan, and the most out of your time spent in Devon.

Caravan Maintenance

Like cars, caravans require maintenance in order to ensure they are in tip-top condition when you roll them out for use in Devon and elsewhere. Though they don’t have an engine, a caravan is where you’ll spend your nights and part of your day when on holiday - so keeping it maintained, avoiding damp and other common issues, will help save you the aggravation of having to repair or replace your caravan in the future. Be aware of these mistakes in caravan maintenance, and be careful to protect your caravan from common faults and leaks, so that you’re always ready to hitch it onto your car for a quick trip to your favourite destinations.

Caravan Sites

There are hundreds of caravan sites throughout Devon - many of them catering specifically to caravan users, with the all-important plugs to enable you to run your electrics within the vehicle itself. Meanwhile, for those who are interested in more remote holidays, away from the crowds there are smaller sites, with only a handful of pitches overlooking the ocean, which you can find by conducting a search online. Squeeze the most out of your caravan trip by finding the ideal site for you and your family, and making a booking ahead of time.

COVID-19 Precautions

As you might have discovered this summer, you cannot be sure that businesses will operate as usual this winter, and into 2021, for your caravan holiday. That’s because many campsites use shared facilities that are difficult to police in terms of social distancing, and other Devon amenities may be closed to visitors due to local restrictions. To make your stay as enjoyable and safe as possible, it’s worth getting in touch with campsites and other local attractions before you plan to take your holiday, otherwise, you risk arriving to find restrictions limiting your ability to enjoy your trip.


Nonetheless, plenty of the attractions of Devon has to offer are outside, and are thus regarded by scientists and government leaders as safe to explore during the pandemic. By keeping your group small, and heading out into the moors, or along the coastline, you’ll be in fresh air in which the virus won’t spread as easily from person to person. Do just remember to pack your mask, and some hand sanitiser, so that you’re as responsible towards the local people and environment as possible during your stay. For outdoor adventures and scenic walks, Devon remains fully open to tourists and caravan enthusiasts alike.

Plan your next Devon caravan holiday with these tips in mind, as they’ll help you organise the perfect getaway in this pleasant corner of England.