A Break in South West England can save you up to £50,000

Authored by tomdummer
Posted: Monday, December 4, 2023 - 12:41

Did you know that you can save a significant amount of money by choosing an 8-day holiday in the beautiful county of Devon, over choosing a holiday abroad? A UK break can save you up to £50,000 according to Woolacombe Bay Holiday Parks, which can be enough funds to help set up a young person's future. The comparison is with a week-long 2-star holiday based in Benidorm, during August 2024.

As well as the financial benefits, there are some environmental benefits too. 

How much are the breaks?

The data looks at a week-long 2-star holiday based in Benidorm in August, which was £3,740. This break is for a family of 4, for 8 nights, giving holidaymakers plenty of time to absorb the local culture and enjoy their break. This price also includes all the costs you would expect during a typical break like this, including accommodation, flights, car hire and food. Costs for this break could be even higher again, should holidaymakers decide to buy gifts for themselves and loved ones. These extra items could even lead the price to increase further on extra luggage space for the flight back!

As tempting as this sounds, an amazing time will be had by choosing a UK holiday. Deciding to holiday in a New Wave Silver caravan at Twitchen House for example comes in at £1,169. There are still additional costs on top of this (for example food at £400, travel costs at £70, optional holiday protection cover at £30), however, the cost is still significantly lower bringing the total to just £2,069. A holiday park is also a great choice for families wanting to make friends, in comparison to the Benidorm trip which may not have the same atmosphere. 

Even with these additional costs, holidaymakers are going to be saving a significant amount in comparison to the holiday abroad. 

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How will the savings go up?

Even with these additional costs, a UK holiday will save you an estimated £1,671, and over 18 years, this will consistently increase, increasing to a potential of £30,078. Investing properly (in stocks and ISA shares at an average of 5% return) can increase this cost up to a potential total of £50,000. Of course, if holidaymakers decide to holiday for an even longer period these savings can increase further. 

Are there any other benefits?

As well as the convenience of staying in the UK for your holiday (avoiding airport chaos and not needing to drive on the other side of the road) there are environmental benefits too. If you travel by car, this will emit significantly less CO2 than an aircraft. 

For a 300-mile journey, a car emits around 104 kg of CO2 compared to 184 kg when flying the same distance (according to Carbon Independent). Imagine if behaviours changed to the point where fewer aircraft were needed. This could reduce the amount of flights needed for many foreign flights.