Lema Clinic's Success Recognized with Global Award

Liv Butler
Authored by Liv Butler
Posted: Thursday, December 7, 2023 - 08:43

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The quality of healthcare services and the value provided to patients are measured not only by the success of the treatments offered but also by the reputation in the industry. Lema Dental Clinic has marked an extraordinary achievement by winning the 'Best Dental Clinic in Europe' award in 2023. Situated in the heart of Istanbul, Lema Clinic has received this prestigious award as a testament to its high standards and patient-centric approach recognized internationally.

The award is one of the most prestigious acknowledgments given to institutions that achieve excellence in the field of dental health in Europe and is evaluated by an independent panel of experts annually. Lema Clinic earned this recognition through its 100% digital smile designs, patient experiences, and expert team of doctors. The clinic places great importance not just on perfect treatment outcomes but also on the details that enrich the patients’ clinic experience, including VIP transfer services, professional interpreter teams, and personalized treatment planning, addressing patients from local communities and worldwide.

One key factor in Lema Clinic's award-winning success is the high professionalism of the expert team led by Dr. Polen Akkılıç. Specialized in areas such as dental implants, Hollywood Smile, and teeth whitening, the clinic runs a treatment process focused on meeting each patient’s unique needs.

Patients’ trust in the clinic is reinforced not only by the success rates in treatment processes but also by the comprehensive services tailored to individuals.

This award is proof of Lema Clinic's continued progress and consolidation as an innovative leader in dental health. Recognized for its international standard treatments, Lema Clinic has also become a hub for health tourism. By adopting the latest developments and treatment techniques in the industry, the clinic demonstrates its high performance in dentistry.

For Lema Dental Clinic, the year 2023 is not only about gaining more recognition through awards but also about raising the bar for service and treatment quality. Each award and acknowledgment serves as part of the clinic's mission to provide better services to patients and extend its contribution to dental health globally. Therefore, Lema Clinic is committed to continuing to lead innovation in the industry and maintaining excellence in healthcare services in 2024 and beyond.

Why Do People Choose Lema Clinic?

The clinic offers forefront services in dental health, such as 100% digital smile design, known for popular procedures like the Hollywood Smile, aesthetic dentistry, and smile design. Performed by an experienced team, these applications ensure patients receive the highest standard of treatment.

Recognizing individual differences and needs, Lema Clinic creates personalized treatment plans to help each patient achieve their unique smile. Beyond advanced medical procedures, the clinic adopts an approach that prioritizes hospital comfort and luxury, committing to the highest level of convenience and satisfaction for its patients.

In terms of dental veneer prices, Lema Clinic has reached a wide audience due to the trust it provides to its patients.

Lema Clinic’s Award-Winning Golden Touch

Lema Dental Clinic’s receipt of awards extends beyond technical skill. The institution offers a service that reflects Turkish hospitality to its international patients, ensuring they feel at home during their treatment. From VIP transfer services to luxury hotel accommodations, every detail is meticulously thought out and implemented. With its team of interpreters, the clinic prioritizes a barrier-free understanding and comfort throughout the treatment process for every patient.

Recipient of Europe's Best Clinic Award

Lema Clinic's consecutive 'Best Clinic in Europe' awards are the strongest proof of becoming a brand in the dental health sector. Its use and provision of technology and high-standard mission are the results of this success. Moreover, these awards have facilitated the clinic's international recognition and preference. Lema Dental Clinic not only provides treatments but also introduces a comprehensive approach to dental health, pioneering in the field. This visionary approach has been decisive in winning 'Best Clinic in Europe' awards for three consecutive years, 2021, 2022, and 2023.''

Lema Clinic Awards in 2024

The growing and continuously evolving Lema Clinic is always ready for upcoming awards. Aiming to lead in the health sector in 2024 as well, the clinic is developing its investments and services in this direction, intending to solidify its position in the industry. With modern and international standard treatment methods, customer satisfaction-focused approaches, and intercultural understanding, Lema Dental Clinic stands out as a global destination for health tourism. On this journey in healthcare, Lema Clinic continues to work to ensure that quality care and impeccable customer services are recognized not only in Turkey but also worldwide. Constantly renewing itself day by day, following the latest developments in dentistry, and aiming to offer these developments in the best way to its patients, Lema Clinic is not just a dental clinic but also a pioneer of innovations in the industry. This successful institution, which produces custom solutions for each of its patients and ensures they achieve healthy smiles, looks forward to the 2024 awards with excitement and hope, aiming to further advance its leadership in the field.

People Visit Lema Clinic from All Over the World

As one of the shining stars of health tourism, Lema Dental Clinic is a prestigious establishment recognized globally and hosts patients worldwide with its quality services. Situated at the intersection of Istanbul's historical and modern beauties, the clinic attracts patients not only from Turkey but from all around the world. Examining the reasons for the intense interest of foreign patients in detail: Hotel accommodation, on-time treatment with VIP vehicles, translation team with native-level language proficiency, and the opportunity to benefit from Turkey's unique beauties can be cited.

Leading-Edge Technology Services at Lema Clinic

Lema Clinic, with its superior service quality, has earned international prestige as a healthcare brand. Its use of the latest technology in dental health and aesthetics, services provided by a team of experts and experienced professionals, and exclusive amenities for health tourism are among the primary reasons why the clinic is chosen by patients globally.

VIP Service and a Comfortable Treatment Experience

Merging their travel to Turkey with a vacation experience, Lema Clinic offers a comfortable experience with additional services like VIP airport transfers and accommodation arrangements. While patients have the opportunity to explore Istanbul's historical and cultural riches during their treatment, they also enjoy the flawless patient-focused service of Lema Clinic.''

Lema Clinic International Patient Treatment

Another reason why patients from around the world choose Lema Clinic for their treatment is the clinic's interpreter team proficient in native languages; this service allows individuals from different countries to feel more comfortable and understood during their treatment process. With this cultured approach and focus on service quality, Lema Clinic succeeds in maintaining the highest level of patient satisfaction.

Excellent Treatment Outcomes and High Patient Satisfaction

Another standout feature of Lema Clinic is its excellent treatment results. The clinic is recognized for its high success rates across a broad spectrum of services, from dental implant treatments to 100% digital smile aesthetics designs. Patient stories, before-and-after comparisons, and positive feedback encourage new patients to choose the clinic with confidence.

Continuous Improvement and Commitment to Education

Continuous education and updating of knowledge are critical in the health sector, and Lema Clinic excels with its investments in this area. The clinic's expert doctors and technicians regularly participate in training to learn the most current dental methods, ensuring the best and most up-to-date service for patients.

Comprehensive Treatment and Personalized Care

Lema Clinic offers a wide range of treatment methods with personalized care plans tailored to the needs of each patient. Beyond standard procedures, the clinic develops solutions suitable for the individual conditions of patients, providing innovative and effective treatments even for complex dental problems.

These factors have been instrumental in making Lema Clinic a center for dental health not only in Turkey but around the world. Patients coming for treatment enjoy the cultural beauties of Istanbul as well as the extraordinary service concept of Lema Clinic. These high standards position Lema Clinic as a global brand and help it to gain the trust of numerous international patients every year."