How massage therapy helps in reducing stress

Sarah Parker
Authored by Sarah Parker
Posted: Saturday, August 21, 2021 - 03:16

The damaging impacts of stress are known to everybody. However, the human body’s built-in system is able to manage and recover from it. Everyone at some point in time goes through stress, and it can have a very negative impact on the mind as well as body, so it's essential that you should try to decrease your stress levels. Luckily, there are many ways available to do this, and one of them is massage therapy that will help you totally relax.

With a wide variety of treatments on offer, your body can relax to optimum levels, and your mind  will remain calm which helps in rediucing stress. There are many proven benefits of massage therapy that work on improving overall health, from headaches and anxiety to depression and restlessness, massage therapy works on everything and provides amazing results.

What is a massage and the differen techniques?

Massage refers to rubbing, pressing, and manipulating skin, tendons, muscles, and ligaments, which leads to relaxation. It can range from slight stroking up to deep pressure and is highly beneficial as it improves posture, blood circulation, promotes better breathing, reduces blood pressure, and adds flexibility. But more than any of these benefits, stress relief is something that everyone wants and is largely demanded.

As many studies have shown, massage is the best stress reliever and there are various massage techniques which directly work on stress. Acupressure loosens up tightened muscles and makes the mind clear. Head and shoulder massages can relieve stress on the upper and lower body. In Aromatherapy, the scented smell relaxes the body and mind. The heat in hot stone massage loosens the knots in muscles, and Swedish massage provides ultimate relaxation.

How Massage Reduces Stress?

By taking massage therapy, you get numerous advantages, but stress relief is the most important thing that can happen through this. There are many ways in which massages can relieve stress.

1. The Environment:

Massages provide an enriched experience, and the surrounding or environment plays a crucial role in creating it for you. In many massage centers, you are surrounded by a soothing and calming environment during massages. Several massage environments are made in such a way that it encourages relaxation that reduces stress. Soft music and low lights help to create an environment that enables complete relaxation.

2. Aromatherapy:

It is used to make the surroundings more relaxing through different essential oils, creating different scents that calm the mind. Many physiological changes happen when the massage is working on the body. The human body makes certain relaxation responses that direct connection to the brain and eases it. Different oils promote relaxation and help to relieve stress.

3. Physiological Effects:

Massage offers various physiological effects that help in stress relief. While you have a massage, serotonin, endorphin, and dopamine levels uplift. These neurotransmitters offer several benefits. Endorphins help in relieving anxiety. Serotonin prevents depression and enhances your sense of wellbeing. Moreover, dopamine increases self-worth and dopamine. A scarcity of these neurotransmitters can result in increasing levels of anxiety and stress. Cortisol is a hormone that elevates stress if increased, and massages reduce it too.

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4. The massage:

Actual massages themselves can reduce higher stress levels. The therapy targets different body areas that hold stress or cause pain. The act of massage lowers stress hormones by around 30 percent. Many people notice stress when their muscles start feeling tight or tense. Massages relax the tight muscles and thus reduces stress.


While massage therapy may seem quite a luxurious treatment to pamper yourself, it contains many benefits too, and the biggest one is stress relief. So, look for massage therapy if you want to get relaxed and live happily.