Choosing the right stretched ear hangers

Sarah Parker
Authored by Sarah Parker
Posted: Wednesday, October 13, 2021 - 11:38

Wearing earrings or hangers enhances the appearance of a person, so the earrings are one of the most common jewellery worldwide. There is a wide variety of jewellery available in different materials, designs for both women and men. Many people have body piercings, pierced ears and stretched ears. Individuals who have stretched ears cannot wear some popular styles of earrings especially ear studs since the holes in the ear are large. They would like to find out the stretched ear hangers designs which are available for them online, and the considerations while choosing the ear hangers are discussed.

Stretched ears

One of the main considerations while purchasing earrings for stretched ears is the size of the holes in the earlobes. If a person has small holes he or she can only wear thinner earrings. Those who have larger holes can wear earrings which are thicker. So it is advisable to check the size of the holes in the ear, before searching for hangers. For many popular designs, the seller will have variants in different thicknesses to suit the different buyers. Usually the thinner hangers are smaller in size and cheaper, while the thicker hangers are larger in size.

Weight and material

Another consideration while purchasing the earring is the weight of the earring. In some cases, if the ears are injured, or painful, wearing heavy earrings will aggravate the problem. So for a person who is experiencing ear pain, it is advisable to wear light weight earrings. Most sellers of ear hangers will specify the weight of the different designs which are available. The hangers are usually made from brass, though they are coated with gold or silver. So the person wearing the ear hangers will not have to worry if the ear hanger is lost since they are not very expensive like the gold earrings.


The ear hangers are available in various designs to match the personal preferences and styles of the users. These designs vary from the basic classic halo hangers which are circular in shape. These are available in different sizes and weight to match the personal preferences of the person wearing them. These are suitable for stretched ears of size 3 mm and above. Petal hangers are a variant of the classic halo hangers, suitable for even small holes. Rope hangers are another variant of the halo hangers, which are thicker than the classic halos, and suitable for larger holes , typically 5 mm and above.

Additionally there are also other variants of ear hangers for those who are interested in a more unconventional look. The serpent shaped hangers are meticulously handcrafted and have a realistic look. The meteor, storm lighting, valencia, moon and bullet hangers are some of the other designs. The price of the hangers will usually depend on various factors like the size, weight of the hanger, complexity of the design. Usually the lighter and smaller hangers are costing less, typically approximately $30, while the more intricate ear hangers will cost more since more effort is required to make them.