The benefits to incorporating plant-based beauty products into your routine this season

Sarah Parker
Authored by Sarah Parker
Posted: Wednesday, December 22, 2021 - 06:42

For our wellbeing, we implement plants into our diet for numerous health benefits, yet this does not often translate to the beauty products we directly apply to our skin. Countless natural food ingredients are full of vitamins, antioxidants, nutrients, and minerals, which work wonders for our bodies when we consume them, so the same principles should apply in our beauty regime. Here are some of the key considerations for switching to plant-based beauty products this season.

Select Natural Products

From boosting collagen to making age spots less visible, more and more of us are turning to products that contain plant-based ingredients. Many luxury brands now offer the marrying of organic plant-based materials with laboratory-made ingredients. Aesop offers luxe skin, hair and beauty formulations that enliven the senses, with potent products in subtle aromatics. Their iconic brown glass containers are reminiscent of vials once found in traditional apothecaries, combining ancient practices with scientific advancements. With natural plant-based ingredients, you can be assured you are making the best decision for optimal skin benefits.

Look For No Or Minimal Harsh Chemicals

Many chemicals in cosmetics and skincare are toxic and harmful to our skin, so opting for brands with natural ingredients is always the best practice. Due to having fewer chemicals, beauty products that contain natural ingredients are also proven to be better for those who have sensitive skin, so there is less chance of developing acne, dry skin, a rash or other skin complications.

We know that eating chemical additives, and preservatives in foods don’t work well for our bodies, so watch out for them in your beauty products. In particular, lead can be found in some lipsticks; petrolatum has been known as an ingredient in some moisturisers and parabens are often used in makeup, soaps, and lotions. Sulphates can also be found in some beauty products, which are salts that can irritate your skin and eyes. Research has shown these chemicals to be toxic and harmful to our skin, which is concerning when considering the frequency that we use them.

Opt For Environmentally Friendly Products

Opting for environmentally friendly products is an excellent way to increase your carbon footprint. If you know a luxury brand provides eco-friendly packaging and cares for the planet, then it is likely they also care about what they put into their products, but always check the ingredients before you buy. Knowing you are being kind to your skin with natural plant-based products and helping the planet is a perfect combination for your beauty regime.

Choose Items That Aren’t Tested On Animals  

It’s sad to think that animal testing still happens with so many advancements in science. If a product is branded as cruelty-free, this implies that the product and ingredients used were not tested on animals at any step of the development process. Many beauty brands still test on animals, so look out for cruelty-free certifications by Leaping Bunny, PETA ad Choose Cruelty Free, the three internationally trusted bodies, before purchasing your next beauty products.

With these considerations, you can ensure to avoid harsh chemical additives, stay environmentally conscious and boost long-term skin health as a result.

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