Benefits of full-spectrum hemp oil for pets

Sarah Parker
Authored by Sarah Parker
Posted: Tuesday, February 2, 2021 - 17:08

Full-spectrum hemp oil includes all of the endocannabinoids. It includes CBD, essential fatty acids, terpenes, protein, as well as phytochemicals (the naturally produced compounds of the plant). In short, the full-spectrum hemp oil comes will all the necessary nutrition that your dog requires for a healthy and happy life.

When you give full-spectrum hemp oil to your dog, they get bonus nutrition in addition to the benefits of CBD. Pet owners generally use both CBD as well as full-spectrum hemp oil to ease the physical discomforts of their dogs. The oil doesn’t cause any side effects and can also be given alongside other pre-existing medications daily to help your dog get rid of his pain and discomfort. Check out our product recommendations here.

The major benefits of using full-spectrum hemp oils

Full-spectrum hemp oil helps reduce anxiety

Just like humans, animals too get anxiety. where we humans can express our pain through words, an animal’s pain becomes visible through his physical movements. It is quite upsetting to watch your furry friend suffering from pain and anxiety. whether it is from loud noises, separation fear, or illness.

Helps alleviate pain

The reason why a full spectrum hemp oil can help reduce chronic pain is, several studies suggest that any product that contains a combination of both THC and CBD can be the most effective way to reduce neuropathic pain as well as other chronic pain disorders.

Can help prevent or fight cancer

The full-spectrum hemp oil helps fight cancer in both humans and animals.  A combination of hemp and CBD helps prevent the growth of tumors in the first stage. Besides, it also helps to shrink the size. According to a study, the animals treated with both chemotherapy and CBD were three times likely to survive more than those treated with chemotherapy only.

Full-spectrum hemp oil offers a boost of omega

Hemp seed oil is the best way to boost omega into your pet’s diet. Omega can give multiple health benefits to your pets like boosting joint health, promoting a healthy immune system, and improving the cardiovascular health of your dog.

Hemp and cannabis help relieve animal osteoarthritis

Just like we humans when our pets become old, we must look out for the common signs of arthritis in them. Perhaps your dog may not chase the ball with much vigor. Or your cats might be less active than before.

Although you can’t reverse the aging process, studies have shown that cannabis has a very significant role to play in the treatment of pain disorder. Hemp and cannabis besides relieving pain also reduce swelling and inflammation. It is not only helpful for arthritis but also helpful in treating various mobility issues and chronic pain disorders.

Hemp supports brain health

Brain health is also important in animals just like in humans. Besides taking care of the body of your pets, it is also important that you make efforts for their healthy mind too. Similar to humans, animals too start showing signs of aging as they get older. Signs of dementia can be noticed in pets as they age. For example, they may forget to perform a trick or might have a changed personality.

The endocannabinoid system is believed to play a role in the cognitive function of an animal. Hence, with the use of cannabis, you can boost the brain function in your pet. That will keep them in a more active condition.

Will your pet benefit from hemp or cannabis?

Although much research is being made and future research is on its way, it cannot be guaranteed that full-spectrum hemp oil will cure all the ailments in your pets. Every animal reacts differently and has its capabilities and limitations. Just like humans. Hence each one of the four-legged friends won’t react the same way. Sometimes a few pets can get maximum benefits from hemp and cannabis. But at the same time, others may not.

However, scientists are discovering more and more about the extraordinary values of plants; and trying to produce medicines that can offer maximum health benefits.

Final thoughts

If you want to get the full benefits that CBD can offer, then look for the full spectrum CBD hemp oil. However, it is more important that you buy high-quality products to ensure maximum benefit. Not all the products that are available in the market can be useful for your dog’s health. Be sure that you are purchasing the right product from the right brand and retailer. The brand must ensure the quality and safety of the products.

As only a few types of research are being made and the industry is still unregulated, you need to make your efforts to ensure product quality. Also do not forget to make the maximum research about a product and its uses and side effects before administering any medicine to your pets. You can also look for a certificate of analysis for mental ease. Besides, it is always advised that you consult your vet and take his permission before giving any medicine to your pets.