Whisky Gift Set Review: The Whisky Club

Authored by Mary
Posted: Wednesday, February 10, 2021 - 12:48

If you’re planning to turn your special someone into a fervent whisky imbiber, I tell you what: There is no better way than by letting her taste different styles of single malt packaged in elegantly presented whisky gift sets. These beautiful gift sets will not only let her explore a variety of whisky brands but also provide her with everything she needs to make her first whisky experience both an educational and delightful one.

Having tasted the best of the best whiskies on the market, I can tell that the best whisky really is a matter of preference. But if you want to know where to order the perfect whisky gift set online, I can only recommend one: The Whisky Club.

Read on if you would like to know more about what The Whisky Club gift sets have to offer.

Their whiskies

Before I tell you about their whisky gift sets, let me tell you first about their whiskies. Well, to say that they have some of the best whisky money can buy would be an understatement! I’ve tried hundreds of whisky brands all my life but none has ever matched those of The Whisky Club. They are so great tasting you’ll surely come back for more each time. Their collections are so special some are even made especially for the club!

And not only that—you’ll be amazed how the club has something for everyone. Their whiskies are tailor-made by the greatest whisky makers in the world so it’s impossible not to find the perfect match for your special someone. You know how this can be the hardest part when looking for the perfect gift, right? But this definitely isn’t a problem with The Whisky Club. Their whiskies come in a wide range of distinct flavors and styles you’ll never run out of options.

Their whisky gift subscription

Getting access to The Whisky Club’s whisky gift sets begins when you avail of The Whisky Club’s free membership, which automatically grants you access to exclusive single malt from the top distilleries in the world, particularly from Scotland and Australia. You see, The Whisky Club has special connections with all the greatest distilleries in the world. That means when you become a member of The Whisky Club, you get to bask in a world-class whisky collection and share the joy of tasting and collecting whisky with your special someone in the form of beautifully packed whisky gift sets! Whether you have been a whisky drinker for a long time or just a budding whisky aficionado, The Whisky Club got you covered. Believe me, you wouldn’t believe how much buying power you get when you join the club!

Their whisky gift sets

Now let’s talk about their whisky gift sets, which let you and your loved one enjoy a whisky tasting session like no other. Once you have signed up for a gift subscription service, The Whisky Club will deliver just about any combination of world-class whiskies to your doorstep—depending on how much you paid for. The idea behind these gift steps is to streamline your spending and save you the time you spend on whisky-shopping.

Having been a veteran whisky drinker for many years, I thought I already knew everything about whisky. But I was wrong. With each gift set I receive from The Whisky Club, I always find myself learning more and more about this hard drink. Their gift sets come with a little bit of information about each whisky contained in the box, so it’s a great learning experience, too!

One thing I learned about The Whisky Club’s whisky gift sets is that no one can be an expert enough when it comes to whiskies. With such a vast variety of products to choose from, even you will be surprised how many whisky brands and styles you still haven’t tasted before—no matter how much of a veteran whisky drinker you think you are. 

How does a whisky gift subscription work?

It’s so easy, you know? Just as how you order stuff online, all you need to do to avail of their gift sets is to go to their website, pick a gift subscription for your loved one, and wait until the whisky gift set arrives at her doorstep.

The best thing about their gift set subscription is that you get to choose among a one, three, or six-month membership, depending on how much you can afford. You also have the option of entering any dollar amount you wish to gift, then they will automatically generate a Gift Card to add that amount as store credit to your club membership. So convenient, right?

Now, what if you want the whisky gift set to be sent to you? That’s not a problem, because The Whisky Club lets you choose whether you want it to be sent to you or to a different receiver. So whether you want to reward yourself with regular whisky set deliveries or want to gift your special someone, these whisky gift sets are definitely an excellent way to get treated to the best of The Whisky Club’s whiskies.