Halloween cocktails

Summoning spirits: Aquarius Bar unveils Halloween cocktails!

Sue Cade
Authored by Sue Cade
Posted: Tuesday, October 24, 2023 - 07:06

A mid-Devon bar restaurant has taken the theme of Halloween and given it an unusual twist with a bespoke range of cocktails inspired by ancient deities.

For one night only, Aquarius Bar at Kitlake Farm is offering four scarily good seasonal cocktails in its ‘Deities of Death Positions Cabinet’.

First up is ‘Hades’, a zingy combo of vodka and gin with an electric blue flare - inspired by the much loved Disney film Hercules, in which the character of Hades has blue flames for hair.

In contrast is the vibrant red cocktail, ‘Persephone’. Based on the maiden who, after eating a singular pomegranate seed had to spend six months of the year in the Underworld as the wife of Hades, this is a fruity twist on the classic Cosmo using homemade pomegranate molasses.

A scary take on a Daiquiri blending spiced rum and dark rum with zesty lime, ‘Anubis’ evokes the Egyptian jackal-headed god of the Underworld and divine protector over the priests and temples.

Back to Greek mythology with the fourth bespoke cocktail, ‘Nyx’, the personification of the night sky. This cocktail blends Hendricks Classic and Lunar Gin with Elderflower tonic for a light and refreshing drink.

Aquarius Bar’s talented mixologist, Dominic Jones says “I get real enjoyment from creating themed cocktails, and Halloween really does lend itself to getting imaginative. These four drinks are based on well-loved combinations that I’ve adapted especially for the occasion, and believe me, they all taste fabulous!”

The cocktails are available on Saturday October 28. They cost £15 each, or £20 for two of the same cocktail. These spooky concoctions are in addition to the full range of 70 cocktails, alongside a special Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead) menu.