9 Safety-conscious guidelines when buying toys for little ones

David Banks
Authored by David Banks
Posted: Sunday, October 13, 2019 - 08:34

Toys play a fundamental role and are the treasures of childhood. But they can be hazardous for little ones too. To keep a child safe, it’s essential to follow specific guidelines when you are selecting the right toys.


Most toys are market with a recommended age, which must be followed. It’s vital to remain realistic about your child’s maturity level and capabilities when you’re choosing a toy. If your child is still likely to putting objects in her mouth by the age of three, it’s best to wait a little longer before buying games or toys that have small parts.


Toys that are passed down from their older siblings or that were bought at a yard sale may be too worn or frayed and can be a safety hazard. Always check used or new toys for ribbons, buttons, yarn, plastic parts, and batteries that can be snapped off, placed in her mouth, or chewed. Also, make sure the body of a stuffed toy is reinforced, and the ears or tail is sewed on properly. Also, check other toys for sharp edges, and the paint is not coming off.

Bigger Is Better

Until a child turns three, toys must always be bigger than her mouth to avoid a choking hazard. You can check here for a superb selection of age-appropriate toys for kids of all ages.

Ensure The Child Is Physically Ready

For instance, parents may consider buying a bigger bike, but riding this toy can result in severe injury if the child is not physically prepared to use the bigger bike.

Avoid Balloons

Balloons remain a cheerful attraction for most kids but are also one of the most dangerous when it comes to choking fatalities in children. Latex pieces that are ingested can create a tight seal in the child’s airway and prevent them from breathing.

Steer Clear From Heavy Toys

If you have suspect that your child can be hurt if it falls on her, instead pass on this toy for now.

Avoid selecting toys with cords or strings longer than twelve inches

Cords or strings can quickly be wrapped around a child’s neck, resulting in strangulation. Once a child is able to climb up on her knees and hands, remove hanging mobiles or crib gyms from her crib. Be especially mindful of the older models. For example, an older toy of a play kitchen can have a phone attached to it with a potentially dangerous cord, while a more contemporary model may have a recent and safer cordless phone.

Don’t Buy Toys That Have Small Magnets

The powerful and small magnet can be swallowed. Multiple swallowed magnets can be drawn to each other, or other metal objects that can be drawn to each other through the intestinal walls, causing pinching or twisting of and resulting in blockages, holes, infection or other severe issues if not treated quickly. It is good practice to keep toys with magnets away from children under the age of fourteen.

Be Mindful About Toxic Toys

Even if a toy appears to be safe, you must ensure that it is not made from harmful chemicals like phthalates or plasticizers to make the plastic more durable and flexible. Toxic chemicals like arsenic, mercury, and lead are often found in action figures, dolls, stuffed animals, and Jewelry.