Cool Mobile Games to Play Over the Holidays

Sarah Parker
Authored by Sarah Parker
Posted: Wednesday, December 23, 2020 - 17:53

Holidays in Norway are the perfect moment to enjoy the things you didn't enjoy when you were busy with work. Those informal jobs understand how a whole year can be tedious. However, if you are ever looking for the perfect activity to engage in during the holidays, you should think no further than mobile games.

Is your family enough?

Staying with your family alone cannot make the holiday as exciting as you want it. Finding some Norwegian mobile cool games to play can make you wish that your holiday may never end. Therefore, the choice of games matters because the one you choose will determine how happy you will be during the period.

If you are looking forward to a perfect holiday, you can consider the amazing games highlighted here by our expert Jorgen Aasgen.

DragonBox Algebra

If you are a parent who is looking forward to enjoying the holiday with the children, DragonBox Algebra is the game you can try. As the name suggests, it's a game that makes the understanding of some mathematical concepts easier. Its design allows it to present algebraic concepts as a series of puzzles.

Even though the game might sound complicated for children, you will be surprised to find out that your 5-year-old child will master the tricks of making the game fantastic even before you. Therefore, if you are looking for an educational mobile game that will enhance your children’s wit and yours, DragonBox Algebra should be among your top priorities.

Mobile casino

Do you remember the last time you played in a mobile casino? Probably, you played it in your nearest brick and mortar casino. Now that it is time to head for the holidays, you can consider playing Norwegian mobile casino on a platform such as Norsk casino . The best aspect about them is that you can play wherever and make money. You only need to master the winning strategy in any game you are playing.

Bam Fu

Are you thinking of finding a multiplayer game for the holiday? A game that you will play but still yearn for more time to continue playing. Bam Fu is the deal. It’s a competitive game that allows players to stab at the screen competing to make coloured tiles their own.

Besides, it allows up to a support of four players. When playing the game, you might find yourself forgetting to do other things. But worry not because it's a holiday. What makes the game exciting is how four players scramble for one screen.

Wrestle Jump

Just as the name suggests, it's a game that will make you think you are in a real battle. It becomes fascinating when you are making your opponent suffer. Precisely, when playing the game, you will only use one button to make the opponent’s world unbearable.

The button will allow you to make them stretch both legs and hands. The climax of the game is when you try to make the opponent hit their head on the ground before you. Furthermore, if the opponent proves to be hardcore, you can use hazardous options such as throwing ice on their way. It’s a fantastic game that you should not miss out this holiday season.

Draw something classic

Do you love crafting outstanding pictures and other forms of art and need a game that will steer you in that direction? Don't worry because you are in the right place. Draw something classic is a game that will provide you with the best tools and the best platform to exploit your artistic potential.

The game is easier to play once you are opt-in. You only need to get some words and draw what those words say. The advantage of playing the game is that you can practice drawing on your own and then have access to colour packs. The colour packs will enable you to give your drawings the perfect colour you want them to have.

Finally, the holidays in Norway are the best times to relax and reenergize. Don't involve yourself in activities that might make you fall into depression. There are the best free phone games that you can try. The experience will make you yearn for another holiday.