The best fashion schools in the US for expats

Sarah Parker
Authored by Sarah Parker
Posted: Monday, January 3, 2022 - 14:45

The fashion industry is a lucrative field for creative minds across the globe. Students from various countries eye the United States to scour for educational opportunities because it is one of the most fashionable areas worldwide. A few prestigious universities and colleges offer good curricula for potential fashion masterminds. 

Those looking for high-end education while living in a busy city will be home in the US capital. Remember that before securing admission to the schools below, you must possess the requirements for immigration. You may consult an immigration lawyer such as Total Law for assistance. 

Fashion Institute of Technology

The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) is a lucrative choice in New York. After all, the city is known as one of the most iconic places for fashion. FIT is a highly competitive choice, priding itself in producing artistic graduates that go out of the box with their designs. To add to that, FIT is also located on 7th Avenue, an area known for housing the best fashion stores and design houses.

Since inspiration always abounds, international students will be stimulated to do their work and chase creativity. The curriculum also encourages people to explore themselves through various fields, including design and clothing technology. This holistic program allows students to find more aesthetic drive while creating world-class designs.


The institution also offers concentration programs to focus on sportswear, knitting, and others. Famous alumni include Michael Kors and Calvin Klein, both known as fashion icons and trailblazers. The school also allows students to join a fashion club and conduct their projects independent of academics.

Pratt Institute

The Pratt Institute is another top choice for fashion education in the United States. Pratt separates itself from the competition by incorporating social strategies. While students are educated through aesthetic theories, they can also delve into production techniques and contemporary design elements.

They also have a distinct quality in their activities as they put up two-dimensional and three-dimensional construction as part of their curriculum. This type of learning allows students to explore the world of molding, silhouettes, and even some construction elements.

International students searching for sustainable teachings will also be satisfied, as the Pratt Institute places importance on the ethics of the fashion industry. They also promote design philosophy, history, and culture. Those looking for a holistic type of education will find plenty to love.

Pratt also consistently ranks in the world rankings for top universities.

Columbus College of Arts and Design

The Columbus College of Arts and Design is known for its status as a top fashion school in the United States. Their graduates have contributed to the well-known brands. The Columbus area is also behind NYC and LA as the most lucrative city for fashion designers, so students will find plenty of inspiration as they take higher education classes here.

Accessory designers and technical directors also have a spot in this institution. If you also decide to take classes outside of design, the institution has a wide selection of other courses.

Massachusetts College of Arts

Located in Boston, the Massachusetts College of Arts also has a unique design curriculum. Combining two-dimensional and three-dimensional art with their courses attracts both traditional and digital practitioners. Those who enjoy creating garments and patterns will also find plenty to love in this college. 

In addition, those who eventually want to break into the broader market will have a lot of fun learning about the manufacturing process of clothing and jewelry.

Savannah College of Art and Design

The Savannah College of Art and Design is another top fashion school in the United States. They teach students how to be well-versed in emerging markets. The focus is not just the design aspect but also the financial sustainability of establishing a fashion house. Mentors employed by the college include known icons and designers from all over the world, and students have the chance to participate in runway shows.

They also hold events that known professionals join. Savannah College graduates have access to a network almost immediately after graduating.


Whatever you choose from these five great fashion schools, make sure you select one that connects with your needs and desires as a future artist. An environment that cultivates your creative spirit and natures your culture and wellbeing is ideal. 

Of course, remember to settle all requirements before settling on a school in the US. If you are having trouble with anything relevant to K3 visa, make sure to reach out to resources that can help. Remember to make wise choices in establishing your fashion journey!


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