What PPE is needed for Landscaping?

David Banks
Authored by David Banks
Posted: Sunday, January 2, 2022 - 12:12

Landscaping is an occupation where workers are exposed to a range of hazards. In order to minimise harm, it’s vital that we’re protected against those hazards – both through proper training, and the wearing of appropriate Personal Protective Equipment.

According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, around 300,000 people each year are hospitalised because of garden activities. The society puts the lawnmower at the top of their list of dangerous garden tools, with flowerpots, secateurs and electric hedge-trimmers following close behind.

What is a Landscaper?

A landscape gardener is a professional who takes care of renovating a garden. This doesn’t just include caring for plants, but clearing undergrowth, mowing the lawn, and some minor tree-surgery. Many of the interventions put forward by a landscape gardener are one-off or rarely-performed, which sets them apart from gardeners who are just there to keep everything the way it is.

What PPE is right for Landscapers?

Landscapers require a whole range of items to protect themselves.

Which PPE for the head?

A hard hat will help to prevent heavy objects from damaging your head. If you’re dealing with trees, staircases, or verticality of any kind, then it’s indispensable.

Which PPE for the ears?

If you’re dealing with power tools, then you need ear defenders. These will guard against the chronic hearing loss that can result from regular exposure.

Which PPE for the eyes?

Goggles will prevent splinters from flying up into your eyes when you’re sawing through wood, tiles, or other objects. If you’re wearing glasses, look for goggles that can accommodate them.

Which PPE for respiratory protection?

A facemask will offer a degree of protection, but if you’re dealing with large quantities of dust, or harmful gases, then you need something more substantial. Do your research and invest accordingly.

Which PPE for hand protection?

Landscape gardeners need to use their hands regularly. They’re vulnerable to suffering cuts and scrapes, which makes a robust pair of gardening work gloves a necessity. Ideally, you’ll keep several pairs spare – as you won’t want to be caught without them.

Which PPE for foot protection?

If you’re outdoors, then you’ll need foot protection that’s robust enough to stand up to the elements. This might mean boots with steel caps in the toes, and the soles, too. It’s better to invest heavily in footwear, as the right pair of boots will last for years, and make your time in the garden that much more comfortable and injury-free.

Which PPE for body protection?

It’s also worth looking into gardening clothes that protect the entire body. If you’re working with hazardous chemicals or excess heat, then a set of overalls might be a worthwhile investment.

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