TikTok: Tips for increased growth

David Banks
Authored by David Banks
Posted: Tuesday, June 8, 2021 - 20:40

TikTok is a social media app that allows users to create and share short videos with others. The app has exploded in popularity since its inception, becoming the most popular video-sharing platform on earth. Not only are many people flocking to the app to see what it’s all about, many brands and businesses have realized the marketing potential of the platform.

TikTok offers users the opportunity to create entertaining content and to get followers, but that is easier said than done. Many people struggle to grow, and if you are new to the platform then you might not know how to use it, or what to do to get followers. If you need help, here are a few tips for increased growth.

Upload daily

The first thing you should be doing if you want to increase your TikTok followers is to stay active. The golden rule is to post at least once a day. This not only makes sure that your account has content, it also guarantees that potential followers are being exposed to what you’re creating.

In addition to this, you should post at the right times. To do this, pay attention to what content gets the most engagement and at what times, and post them. It’s also important to keep in mind that your followers might be from different time zones, so they will be active at different times. This applies to the rest of the users on TikTok, so you should find the best time to post to get more followers.

Use hashtags

An easy way to get more followers is to use the correct hashtags. Hashtags work the same on every social media platform; they make content easier to find for users, and if a user searches for the hashtag you used, they might see your post.

A great way to take advantage of hashtags is to search for which are associated to hashtag challenges. These challenges get a lot of views and participating in one of them can help you to increase your followers. You could also use hashtags to create your own challenges, which will result in user generated content.

Create great content

One reason why so many people use TikTok is to be entertained, so if you are hoping to get more followers, you should post content that is entertaining. An easy way to do this is pay attention to which trends are popular at any given time. What you should try to do is make the content unique, even if you are following a trend.

To find content that is popular, which you can get inspired by, you simply need to visit the “For You” page. If you are creating great content but the ball still isn’t rolling, you could use a service like TokUpgrade to help get momentum. The great thing about this option is that these are real TikTok followers, since this a growth service designed to be as organic as possible.

Have a niche

If you were to check out the most popular accounts on TikTok, one thing you would notice is that they all have one thing in common; they have a niche. A niche is basically a category of content, such as health and fitness, cooking, animals, comedy, beauty, fashion and more.

There are many benefits to having a niche, some of these include targeted followers, followers who will engage, and content that works well with the algorithm. For example, if a user likes to watch dance videos, and your account releases a dance video once every 2 weeks, since most of the time you are posting about everything, your content won’t be suggested to them.

Use popular music

A very simple way to increase the number of followers you have is to use popular music whenever you post content, when it’s relevant. Popular music doesn’t always need to mean the music that everyone is using on their TikTok’s, as this would get quite boring. Popular music could also mean music that everyone knows and can identify.

The reason behind this is quite simple; people can associate with something they are familiar with much more easily than with something they can’t. Another great way to use music is to do it ironically; if you are posting an upbeat song with a sad video, the irony will be entertaining for a lot of viewers.