Most common mistakes of novice traders

Sarah Parker
Authored by Sarah Parker
Posted: Thursday, December 17, 2020 - 14:46

The trading profession might seem easy in the eyes of untrained professionals.  But the people who are involved in it, they know that it is not so easy to survive in this financial industry. Typically, people think it is all about sitting in front of the computer and making decisions about buying and selling the stock. But the reality is different. There are so many vital decisions that should be taken by investors. Just a single decision can make your trade deal very difficult. So be careful about the mistakes that are common in this sector.  For day traders, making mistakes is so easy.

So today, we will know about some common mistakes that are made by the investors. After reading this article, you will be able to reduce the errors.

Common errors that the day traders do

Misuse of the margin

Margin is the only thing that can destroy the account of an investor. It happens very often if the investor borrows from the brokers to buy security. Margin is a valuable tool that can boost the profit and help the traders in the United Kingdom to take the right decisions. Improper use of margin is the reason for destroying the asset.

If you talk about this issue to professionals and experienced traders, they can give you a clear idea because many investors lose their entire profit and total wealth in the past. They used to take more from the brokers that cannot be afforded by them to repay. As a result, they face tremendous difficulties. Some investors lose their accounts totally due to the misuse of margin. So, try to use your actual money instead of the money you took from the broker.

Think about the traditional stock traders in the United Kingdom. They buy stocks with their idle money and they never use high leverage. Such actions help them to keep the risk exposure in each trade to an acceptable level.

Not having the proper plan.

It is the most common mistake that the day traders make. Every of the mistakes comes from not having a proper plan. A trading plan is a thing that can help you to make the right decision at the right time. Without having an appropriate plan, try not to involve yourself in Forex trading because it will cost you some losses. If you want to buy a specific stock, then try to have a protective plan. It can prevent the loss of money. You can also learn the escape price before entering the trade deal.

Chasing the trades

Chasing trade is another common mistake that can be made by the investors. If you track the rapid stock, it will not do anything good for you. You can get an unprofitable trade in this case. So, try not to chase the stock and make your career smoother in Forex trading.

Not analyzing the limit orders and the market condition

Market orders are one kind of order that helps you to sell or buy stock in a specific market condition. If you tell about the limit order, you can make the maximum price for a security. So, what are you thinking? Which one is better for you? Market orders are filled fast, but you cannot take control over the order in this case. The market condition is the only thing that will make the deal. Market and limit orders are often very useful to deal with the high liquidity of the stocks.

Having an unrealistic desire

Some of the day traders always keep looking for some extraordinary thing to earn a profit.  Trading is a journey, and you should make it smooth. Unrealistic expectation and desire often make you path harder to continue the trading business. Expectations about this profession are okay, but unrealistic ones should be avoided. Otherwise, you cannot be succeeded in this competitive profession. Proper preparation and complete analysis will help you to overcome your mistakes quickly.