Modern necessities - 4 ways security bollards are changing big cities

Sarah Parker
Authored by Sarah Parker
Posted: Thursday, January 17, 2019 - 07:25

There’s no question: We live in an age where solutions to age old challenges are at your finger tips. But that can actually be a challenge in itself. When a vibrant, busy city such as London (or its residents and business owners)has to find the best solutions to look after their citizens, what option do you pick?

That’s when you need one item that can fix it all for you. And for city planners, business owners, hospital managers and others, security bollards could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Where else do you get an access system that caters for everything a modern city should be known for:

- Style (Yes, security can look suave these days)
- Security
- Safety of pedestrians and motorists navigating the streets
- Organized systems relating to parking and traffic flow

Yes, while most people view bollards as simply barriers to keep out unwanted guests, if you pick the right units supplied by Advance Access, you get so much more.

Let’s show you.

How Security Bollards Transforms Modern Cities

Imagine London. In your mind’s eye you probably see lights, cars, crowds of people at the tourist destinations as well as locals hurrying to their homes or offices. And children. They need to be protected.

How do you keep order in such a bustling environment without ruining the aesthetics that attract millions of tourists every year?

Bollards Look Intimidating

Let’s start off with the reality: Many large cities need to be ready in the unfortunate event of a terrorist attack. Luckily you have options to help you prepare. You may be used to the simple vehicle barriers, but the bollard industry also caters for your city with:

- Armored gates
- Security bollards
- Road blockers
- Drop arm gates
- Barricades

Installing these in your city now, puts you in control if someone decides to create chaos. They cankeep unwanted vehicles or individuals out of areas you know may be prime targets. This is how you empower security personnel to effectively do their jobs.

And as with many security features, hopefully you’ll never have to use them to the extent they’re designed to. Often, they’re deterrents; Forcing criminals to let go of their plans.

But this even works when there’s no emergency. Of course you have drivers, pedestrians and cyclists who want to take chances (or simply don’t read the signs that communicate preferred traffic flow):

- Access a park they’re not supposed to
- Walk where they’ll be in danger of getting run over
- Making it difficult for others on a walk way or road by going the wrong direction

Well placed bollards are visual reminders of boundaries and rules. They can prevent people from entering or gently guide them to change direction. The human mind will automatically take notice of an obstruction and consider the reason for it.

Use these to separate different pedestrian flows or keep cyclists, motorists and pedestrians apart.

They’re What You Need in an Emergency

If an attack does come, timelines are vital. If you can’t take quick action to protect a building, people or vehicles, you won’t easily take back control of the situation.

Because bollards can be designed as permanent but also as retractable units, it’s a quick solution when you need it most. No fetching your barricades—these barriers are installed where you need them.

Bollards are Still Stylish

After that you may be thinking your city will look like army barracks. There’s no need.

Bollards come in all shapes, sizes, designs and even with different types of technology embedded in them. And if your supplier knows the market it will prioritize aesthetics.

Your city can get an instant visual upgrade with sleek silver bollards lining entrances to public areas or opt for classic designs reminiscent of old. Either way: Your pedestrians are safe from vehicles entering the area, and will even be attracted to it if you get the look and layout right.

Yes, these can be decorative features when you use the right types.

Such a Versatile Tool

Also, do yourself a favor and research the many ways cities are using this to make their spaces more user friendly. A security feature has become a necessity on streets, in parks and in parking entrances because the public loves it:

- Some security bollards are so prominent that they’re used as meeting places. Instead of getting caught up in the crowds, simply tell the person picking you up you’ll meet him or her at the bollards near the entrance.

- Bollard designers have modified some units so they become secure foundations to lock your bike to. There’s no way the city’s bollards will be stolen, so your cyclists will welcome an easy parking option that keeps their favorite assets secure.

- Because you can pick from a variety of designs you can cater for what your citizens need:

 -  If you don’t want to curb the flow of pedestrians, make sure there’s ample space for them to walk.
 -  When your population uses bikes a lot, and it’s only vehicles you want to block, simply space your bollards wide enough apart so bicycles and motor cycles can still fit through.

So, what is your current challenge in the city. Could a customized plan incorporating bollards be the solution?

Picking the Ideal Product

Of course, you can’t simply settle for any product. A lot of access systems providers offer products you’ll be proud to mention when you talk about your city:

- Make sure the item you pay for is tested for the application. If you need an anti-terrorist solution your bollards must be crash-rated so they can’t be rammed.

- Talk to your supplier about different options; Perhaps you can spend less than you think. This is especially necessary if you need to fence off or protect large areas. Some bollards won’t be economical options as you’ll need too many of them. Lower rated security bollards may be less expensive than crash-rated products, and still suit your purpose.

Modern technology and quality engineering provide you with all-in-one answer. Face our problem — Now visualize the solution.