Plymouth training and consultancy firm champions community by sponsoring local netball team!

Authored by Mary
Posted: Monday, October 9, 2023 - 22:13

SSG Training and Consultancy are proud to announce that they have sponsored a local netball team. The SSG netball team, which is part of the Madballs NRC, are a dedicated group of athletes who are on a mission to make a grand return to their division, after being relegated last year. This new sponsorship comes as part of SSG’s commitment to fostering community engagement and promoting health and fitness, and as such they are thrilled to support the netball team.

The team is a friendly, close-knit group and one of four competing in their division. Last year, they faced the challenges of relegation but are now determined to come back stronger than ever. It is great to see their teamwork, enthusiasm and resilience, which also align with the values of SSG Training and Consultancy.

The team’s dedication to improving their skills and performance is evident through their training sessions every Wednesday in Plymstock.

Through this sponsorship, SSG Training & Consultancy are not only investing in a sports team but also in the development of local talent and community spirit. In doing this, they hope to encourage a culture of giving and social responsibility.

Denise Maclean, Commercial Director at SSG, on supporting the netball team: "We are committed to helping local communities and designated charities through our ‘Beyond Business’ activities. Sponsoring this wonderful netball team is about supporting not only hard work but also teamwork and friendship. We are looking forward to seeing how they perform over the next few months!”

All are encouraged to join in cheering the SSG netball team as they embark on their new season – you can catch a game on Monday at Plymouth Life Centre! Stay tuned for updates on their progress.