Free webinar drills down into the issues of business and divorce

In the fourth of a series of free ‘lockdown’ webinars offering guidance on various aspects of family law, two experienced solicitors from The Family Law Company will be looking into the complex area of business and divorce.

Director Fiona Wadey and Solicitor Sasha Walton are co-presenting the webinar on Thursday June 11 at 11am.

Fiona explains, “We’re going to look at various issues arising when business assets are involved in divorce. These include financial disclosure and how a business is valued, as well as possible options available for the separating couple and different types of orders that the court can make.

“We are also going to explore some protective measures that business owners might want to consider putting in place, such as pre-nuptial agreements.”

As every business is different, a court will look at each case carefully in order to make a decision based on the principle of fairness. However, the court’s powers are wide-ranging so negotiation where possible is advised.

“In line with our ethos to keep the divorce as amicable as possible, the webinar also considers the benefits of taking a co-operative approach to achieve a solution that is acceptable to both parties,” adds Sasha.

“This offers the best chance of reaching an agreement whilst reducing the emotional and financial cost of a divorce.”

The full agenda for the webinar is:

  • Introduction
  • Sasha Walton – How a business is valued and the issues faced?
  • Fiona Wadey – What could happen to the business as part of the settlement?
  • Q&A  

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