Celebrate National Giftcard Day – release the cash in your giftcards!

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Posted: Tuesday, January 19, 2021 - 21:23

Devon-based company, Cardyard, the UK’s biggest gift card exchange, is celebrating the UK’s savvy spenders with National Giftcard Day, on 21stJanuary 2021.

The awareness day, which aims to remind people about forgotten giftcards, falls on 21st January 2021.  This is often one of the peak days of the year for giftcard trading.

This year, more than ever, people are likely to be cash-strapped, so National Giftcard Day is focused on sharing tips and tricks on how they can liberate cash from their giftcard, and use it for essential purchases instead.

Through the day, Cardyard is hoping that they can show the UK that it’s more like “cash-trapped”, than cash-strapped.

A useful reminder not to waste a giftcard!

Surprisingly, many people don’t even bother to spend their giftcards at all.  Around £300million is wasted each year in unspent, forgotten or expired giftcards.

This year, National Giftcard Day, is set to change the way we spend, aiming to urge people not to waste their giftcards!

Cardyard, the giftcard exchange platform is already booming. With mountains of giftcards being cashed in for money, savvy spenders are also turning to exchanging their giftcards, trading in unwanted vouchers and trapped cash for more spendable giftcards, such as for the big supermarket names so that they can be used to buy the family shopping.

Mike Hayman, founder of Cardyard said: “Time will tell, but it’s possible that 2021 might be the biggest boom year for giftcards ever.  With shops shut, or limited opportunities to buy, we are certainly seeing an increase in giftcards. 

“Late January tends to be a cliff edge between spending, trading, and losing.  It appears that if people haven't spent or traded their giftcard by then, they are more likely to forget about it.  We want to remind people of  their Christmas giftcards – so that they spend them soon, or trade them in, rather than becoming part of the £300m statistic”

Perfect timing for more cash.  

January is historically a long, cash-starved month, preceded by the excesses of Christmas.  And the last few weeks of January can be a tough time for everyone financially, until wages hit the bank account. So, unwanted giftcards can be a lifeline.

National Giftcard Day is a great reminder to spend your giftcard whilst the sales are on, so you can get more for your money.  Or to trade your giftcard for cash - because the longer we take to spend them, the more likely they are to lie forgotten and dusty, inching closer to that dreaded expiration date. A ticking time-bomb attached to your cash.

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